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Support service

The EkoNiva Support Service is represented in the Moscow, Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga, Vladimir, Kostroma, Smolensk, Voronezh, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. All regional offices of the EkoNiva Support Service operate in accordance with a uniform standard and provide a full range of installation, commissioning, consulting and repair services for agricultural machinery and equipment supplied by EkoNiva.

Pre-sale preparation

Prior to shipment, the machines undergo a presale preparation in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements in order to verify completeness of supply, absence of damage and proper functioning of all systems; any identified defects are rectified, and initial installation operations are performed.

After-sale maintenance

Upon delivery of the machinery, an after-sale maintenance agreement is signed with the client. There are several types of after-sale maintenance agreements:

Scheduled (subscription) maintenance agreement. Within the framework of this agreement, the EkoNiva Support Service assumes full responsibility to provide regular technical maintenance, including season-end inspections. The client receives a maintenance schedule for each piece of machinery with an indication of maintenance action dates and the quantities of consumable materials to be used within the respective periods. Payment for the maintenance services to be provided within the agreement is effected according to a schedule which is convenient for the client.

Unscheduled maintenance agreement. EkoNiva engineers provide maintenance services to the client upon request. Payment is effected upon completion of the services provided.

Clients who have not signed an after-sale maintenance agreement can also count on receiving technical support. However, if a number of calls are received at the same time, clients who have signed maintenance agreements with EkoNiva are given preference.

Following the signing of an agreement, a particular service engineer – ‘a home doctor’ is assigned to the client entity to monitor the status of the supplied piece of machinery and provide technical advice as required. In case of non-standard technical problems, a special technical support group dedicated to solving complex technical issues comes to the rescue. Prior to the start of each season, service engineers are given a briefing on potential machinery failures. Once a repair order has been received, company engineers promptly arrive at the location. A satellite navigation system allows the supervisor to determine in an online mode which company engineer is located closest to the break-down site and refer him/her to the client. If possible, the fault is eliminated on the spot. If some specific spare parts are needed for repair, such spare parts are ordered immediately, before the engineer arrives at the service centre.

Material supplies

All engineers have a service vehicle and all equipment required for machinery diagnostics and repair. Each of EkoNiva's regional offices has its own spare parts depot, which makes it possible to carry out any necessary replacement in a very short time.

Professional training

Support Service staff constantly improve their skills by taking part in professional training courses, workshops and sessions, including training activities regularly organised at John Deere and Grimme manufacturing sites. Upon completion of training courses, service engineers receive personal certificates. This approach to staff development results in EkoNiva's Support Service holding leading positions on the market.

EkoNiva Support Service's competitive benefits are as follows:


High quality performance;

Prompt response;

Excellent technical basis;

Individual approach.


We drive more than 4 million km per year to make sure your machinery works without a hitch!