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Career prospects

Your prospects of growth, development and experience!

The company has more than 600 employees. This is a team of young and united people proud of their job. The company has been developing successfully and is interested in promising young specialists and in professionals who know the business. EkoNiva offers an exciting job in a team of like-minded people with decent working conditions and remuneration. The company puts special emphasis on the professional growth of each individual employee. Corporate English and German courses are designed to improve the team’s foreign language skills and proficiency. Training sessions, seminars, and master classes, both in Russia and abroad, are held on a regular basis in order to upgrade employees’ professional skills. There are also visits to the biggest international agricultural expos and forums arranged to gain and multiply experience so as to achieve better results. The Company provides social support for the employees. During the probation period, out-of-town employees are accommodated in the Company’s flats and cottages. Specialists employed for over a year are offered voluntary health insurance.

The Company has an advanced corporate culture. There are corporate events and sports competitions.

This kind of effective personnel policy helps to build a highly professional and united team which can excel at all the Company’s areas of activity.

We welcome goal-oriented, ambitious and talented people who are open to new knowledge and keen to improve their professional experience.

We value in our workers:

— motivation
— loyalty
— vigour
— pursuit of self-improvement and self-education
— ability to generate ideas
— willingness to achieve ambitious goals

We would be happy to see you as part of our team! Give it a try!