Best of all in the next 100 years!

The Swedish-built Rapid seeding system has been operating on Russian fields for about 15 years. In 2013, Russian farmers recognised the Rapid as the best seeder. In 2014 the admiring acclaim keeps growing. We publish an opinion of Ivan Kretinin, chief agronomist of Istobnoye LLC, Voronezh oblast, one of the customer farms of EkoNiva-Chernozemye.    

By Yulia Salkova

We met Mr. Kretinin on 24th July on an ideally smooth field sporting exclusively clean soya. The plants were of a regular height, with already formed pods. 

“I think this is the best possible soya seeder for the next 100 years,” says Ivan Kretinin. “I state this quite responsibly since I, as the chief agronomist, am responsible for the harvest and end results.”    

The seeding began on 6th May. Now soya is in a fine condition, with 30 to 40 pods per stalk. This is a result of impeccable work of Rapid 600C. We’ve sown 400 hectares. All the fields look great! Three other seeding machines of famous models worked on the remaining 700 hectares. In no way do they compare to the Rapid!

The soil was only harrowed before seeding. The rest of the treatment was provided by the seeder, which did the job very thoroughly preparing the soil, seeding and subsequently compacting the seedbeds. The degree of compacting is the same to a millimetre all over the field and optimal for moisture retention and seed germination. The Rapid smoothes down the soil surface rather well. It ideally maintains the embedding depth (5 cm in our case) for each coulter, unlike other machines we’ve used for seeding.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw even and regular sprouts as early as on the seventh day! By comparison, the sprouts from other aggregates appeared only after three weeks, patchy and irregular. This is a result of uneven compacting.  

We’ve used an all-through seeding technique with a between row space of 12.5 cm. Thanks to this, the first pod came up higher than usual, which will also enabled the reaper to cut it down. Another advantage of the Rapid is the high seeding rate and, hence, higher productivity. In a shift we sowed around 120 hectares while other seeders did 25 at the most.

The seeder bin is spacious, 6,000 litres. It is very conveniently loaded by the manipulator supplying two large bags of seeds and two of fertiliser. The time spent is minimal. In addition, soya needs nitrogen. Therefore we treat it with inoculating compounds. To preserve its properties, it must be protected from direct sunlight. The swift loading does it.