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Loss-free harvesting in record time


John Deere engineers designed the T Series combines with a focus on the expectations and needs of modern farmers. The aim was to achieve a power boost along with loss reduction, ease of set-up, operation and maintenance as well as to make the machines quickly adjustable for different crops.

The harvesting season of cereals is almost over, and the first results have already been summed up, including those showing the performance delivered by the John Deere T Series combines in Voronezh fields.

The farmers of Agricultural Production Cooperative named after Kalinin in Ternovka district, Voronezh oblast, have used the John Deere T660 combine for harvesting for the first time.

‘We are perfectly familiar with John Deere machinery’, says Roman Baranov, Chief Engineer of the enterprise. ‘The first John Deere 7730 tractor was purchased for our fleet back in 2006, and the number of this manufacturer’s machines has only been growing since then. Now, we have John Deere 7730, 8335R tractors and W650 combine harvesters. When choosing a new combine, we were guided, first of all, by the experience of the cooperation with EkoNiva-Chernozemye LLC and, of course, by the reliability and performance of John Deere machinery. As for the T660 combine, its auger with increased throughput of up to 125 litres per second provides fast unloading, and the double-drum design ensures working at high speed with virtually no losses (the measurements showed a loss percentage of not more than 0.07%). The ease and convenience of setting up the machine also deserve the highest praise – all adjustments are made from the cab.’

At Agricultural Production Cooperative named after Kalinin, the combine is coupled with the John Deere 625R header. The models of this series have been tested in the field many times and have proved highly reliable.

‘Fitted with this header, the machine successfully tackles the task of harvesting a variety of crops, and the resetting takes only five minutes’, points out Aleksey Nasonov, Chief Agronomist of the enterprise. ‘The harvesting speed and loss minimisation are also very important to us. Recently, we have gathered a good yield – 6 tonnes per hectare – of Lgovskaya 4 short-stemmed winter wheat with a moisture content of 13%. Being a fast and reliable machine, which guarantees gentle threshing, the John Deere T660 has fully satisfied all our needs.’

The combine stands out from its competitors due to one of the largest threshing and separation areas in the market. Its multi-drum threshing system with the crops flowing above the rear beater ensures a consistent crop flow without sharp bends or abrupt changes in direction. Thus, well-preserved straw and maximum output per hectare are guaranteed. The reliable crop feeding system does not deform or damage the grain, so the losses are minimal even when harvesting high-yielding crops.