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Taking forest industry by storm


EkoNivaSibir has debuted at ExpoDrev 2019, an international forestry trade fair in Krasnoyarsk, where over 120 companies introduced cutting-edge timber harvesting and processing solutions.


At the trade fair, EkoNivaSibir showcased Tigercat tree- length and cut-to-length harvesting forestry machinery manufactured in Canada.

‘The upgraded product line of Tigercat forestry equipment has already been released onto the Russian market’, says Aleksandr Zuyev, Head of Sales Department of EkoNivaSibir. ‘It includes the Tigercat 855E feller buncher, the 625E skidder and the 1075C forwarder. The units are now more cost-efficient and powerful with a redesigned operator’s station, reliable undercarriage and a high-performance hydraulic system. Besides Tigercat standard warranties, the Tigercat SECURE programme provides additional coverage that begins after the standard warranty period on drivetrain components has ended. Tigercat SECURE can be purchased with any new machine or anytime during the standard drivetrain warranty period.’

The Tigercat 855E feller buncher and the 625E skidder for tree-length logging operations stole the show at the trade fair.

The Tigercat 855E is a high performance, fuel efficient feller buncher designed for continuous duty cycle around-the-clock applications requiring minimum time for maintenance due to easy access to daily service points. The patented ER® boom system allows the operator to extend and retract the feller buncher boom on a horizontal plane quickly and smoothly using a single joystick.

The 625E six-wheel drive skidder is a powerful machine built for high production logging operations and long-distance skidding on uneven or extreme terrain. Seven skidder models – 5 four-wheel and 2 six-wheel ones will be introduced into the Russian market.

The Tigercat 1075C forwarder designed for demanding cut-to-length applications fascinated the attendees of the trade show. The log forwarder with a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes easily handled 6-metre logs.

‘The model has an edge over its counterparts due to its heavy-duty design’, shares Aleksandr Zuyev. ‘The forwarder features a centre section equipped with tapered roller bearings in the articulation and oscillation joints, which ensures a long service life of the assembly unit provided that it is properly maintained. The low- wide bunk system gives the ability to load more wood while keeping the centre of gravity lower for increased stability and prevention of tipping over.’

EkoNivaSibir received an ExpoDrev award for the supply and promotion of the Tigercat 1075C Forwarder in Krasnoyarsk area.

‘EkoNivaSibir has set the bar high’, comments Matt Roberts, Tigercat Sales Manager for Europe and Russia. ‘The company became a Tigercat dealer less than a year ago, but it already has an extensive spare parts inventory and a machinery warehouse. The specialists of EkoNivaSibir were trained in the forestry equipment at Tigercat facility in Canada. There are exciting development prospects for the timber industry in Russia. What we now strive for is 50 percent market share, as much as we have in the North America. Together with EkoNiva, it is realistic!’