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Keeping up with the times


Field Days for farmers are a step forward in the evolution of agricultural production process, which opens the door to the latest technology, developments and achievements in the industry.   


This year, Tomsk Field Day has gathered about three hundred specialists from different regions of Russia. For four days, the visitors shared their opinions about the efficient approaches to the production process. The key meeting was dedicated to digitalization in agriculture. The farmers also looked at the demo plots and visited a farm machinery exhibition.      

The specificities of potato production were discussed on Denis Kolpakov’s farm fields. The farmer is the leading potato grower in the oblast. He demonstrated a wide range of Russian and foreign potato varieties and the trial plot to the specialists. In recent years, the potato yield on the farm has averaged 22 tonnes/ha.

A trip around the facility with the farm’s machinery felt like an exhibition tour for the guests. The fleet comprises over 50 latest models of machinery ranging from John Deere tractors of various capacity to the full Grimme product line for growing potatoes, including the machines for soil tillage, potato planting and harvesting, transportation and packing the product for storage.         


The John Deere 6150M tractor compelled the admiration of the farm workers. It is valued for the robust full-frame design, enhanced hydraulics, durable Triple Link Suspension and optimum capacity (150 hp). Denis Kolpakov pointed out that these features ensure smooth operation of the tractor in combination with various trailed and mounted implements.

‘In 2012, four-wheel drive M Series John Deere tractors made their debut on the Russian market,’ says Aleksandr Zuyev, Head of Sales Department at EkoNivaSibir. ‘For years of operation, they have proved to be a reliable and versatile aid. Due to the improved design adapted to the Russian conditions, these iron warriors can be tasked with any job on the farm and the vegetable farming operations.’        

While Aleksandr Zuyev was demonstrating the machinery to the guests, he stressed the fact that EkoNivaSibir has been a long-standing partner of Denis Kolpakov’s enterprise. The farm keeps up with the times introducing the latest technology, which reaps excellent results.     

‘Potato yield in Tomsk oblast is rising,’ says Andrei Knorr, Deputy Governor for Agricultural Policy and Natural Resources Management of Tomsk oblast. ‘It is mainly attributed to the technological advances, selection and seed breeding. Last season, potato yield in the region amounted to 19.5 tonnes/ha. This year, the target is 20-24 tonnes/ha. Thanks to the latest scientific and technological achievements, it really is an attainable goal even in Siberian conditions.’