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Know how to cut


Your partner’s reliability and the durability of the machinery it supplies can only be proved in the forest. At the forestry machinery exhibition held in the Ustianskiy district, Arkhangelsk oblast, as part of the XXI Century Woodcutter Championship, EkoNivaTekhnika-Holding has presented high-power Tigercat forestry machinery.


The company’s booth enjoyed great popularity with the visitors. The opportunity to test drive the Forwarder 1075 and the Harvester Н845Е only added to the drawing power of EkoNiva’s booth.

XXI Century Woodcutter is a unique professional event. The participants of the competition use the latest generation machines of the world leading manufacturers to show the best forestry skills. A wide choice of machinery ensures equal opportunities for the contestants to obtain the title of the Champion. The prize pool of the event in 2019 amounted to 13 million rubles.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Canadian brand Tigercat stole the limelight at the exhibition. Almost everyone was captivated by the might of the forest machinery. The ‘iron beasts with the tiger’s heart’ are not as widespread in Russia as their competitors, but they are just as good and, in some aspects, even better than their counterparts.  

The stable and powerful 1075C 20-tonne forwarder with extreme duty widespread bogie axles is a perfect solution for continuous operation on challenging terrain.

‘I wanted to drive it the moment I saw the log forwarder,’ says Aleksey Bunin, a contest participant.

‘Within 12 years in the forest industry, I have driven different machines. The main thing I have come to realise is that a machine should be durable and maneuverable. When your log forwarder is comfortable and easy to operate, like the Tigercat machines, it is just marvelous! I feel safe and I am certain that my work will bring good results.’

Uncompromising precision at maximum speed is the main requirement at the log forwarder operator’s contest. Igor Toryshev, another participant of the contest, visited EkoNiva’s booth to have some practice before the competition.  

‘I have operated a harvester for almost 15 years. This is the third time I have taken part in the contest,’ says Igor. ‘However, it always feels like the first time for me. The most important thing is to work in tandem with your machine. If you have such a powerful piece of equipment as Tigercat, the excitement grows, and you want to move if not the mountains then at least the whole forest!

Tigercat vehicles are designed for operation in the toughest conditions. Forestry industry specialists have nicknamed them ‘iron beasts’. Today, EkoNiva supplies 20 items of forest machinery for cut-to-length and tree-length harvesting. These machines include, in the first place, harvesters and forwarders, fellerbunchers and wood skidders. Aftersales service, extensive stock of spare parts and the top-notch technicians are the pillars the company relies on.

Blain MacDonald, Product Support Representative at Tigercat, flew from another continent to participate in the exhibition and the XXI Century Woodcutter Championship. Blain eagerly provided professional advice to specialists, held workshops and showcased all the advantages of the ‘iron beasts’ to everyone who was interested in them.

‘It is much easier to operate our machines,’ affirms Blain MacDonald. ‘For example, the Tigercat H845E track harvester on display here can boast absolute stability, low centre of balance, super-powerful harvesting head, which enables its operation in the forests with the most wide-spreading branches. Everyone who has once operated a Tigercat cannot but admit that no other machine can compare with them in power, comfort and reliability. In our company, we have set a global task of supplying “iron beasts” to all of Russia. And we will do it in cooperation with EkoNiva!’

The work in the forest always has a certain flavour of romance. In the age of high technology and reliable machinery, forestry industry jobs become even more prestigious, fascinating and popular. A long-standing tradition of the Championship is another proof to this. Another highlight of the event was the Queen of Forest Beauty contest. 15 young women from different cities of Russia took part in the competition. The crown of the Forest Queen went to the young lady from Lesosibirsk.

A whole year is yet to pass before the next Championship is held. A year full of hard work in the toughest conditions of the Russian forests, where powerful and reliable machinery will be the only ‘Forest Queen’.