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Iron will Tigercat


EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding has targeted a new market segment — forestry equipment. The company has become a Tigercat machinery dealer. To gain insight into the concept, the customer of EkoNivaSibir headed for the international exhibition Forestry Expo Scotland 2019.


Forestry Expo Scotland is a unique event showcasing the relevant equipment manufactured by the world’s leaders. Being one of the high-fliers, Tigercat was invited to participate in the occasion. The company’s focal business is development and manufacture of high-quality forestry and specialised industrial machinery. A wide range of equipment includes feller bunchers, skidders, harvesters, forwarders, loaders and mulchers. Tigercat came on the domestic market in 2006, and since that time the dealers have sold 300 units of the brand.

Forestry Expo Scotland 2019 was a demonstration of the latest Tigercat machines: the 625E skidder, the LH855E, H845D, H822D harvesters and the 1075С forwarder. The visitors even got the chance to see the helpers in operation, during which the Tigercat LH855E harvester made a great impression on them. Owing to a number of unique solutions, the model soundly beats its competitors Komatsu and Ponsse.

‘The Tigercat LH855E is a track harvester offering robust performance on any slopes and on rough terrain’, relates Aleksandr Zuyev, Head of Sales Department of EkoNivaSibir. ‘Due to a boom reach of up to 9.4 m, the machine is capable of handling large timber. The operator’s cab is equipped with a levelling mechanism. For operator comfort and convenience, the mechanism holds the upper part of the cab in a horizontal position regardless of the surface on which the work is performed.’

In front of scores of visitors, the Tigercat LH855E harvester got on with its job perfectly passing the baton to the Tigercat 1075С forwarder. In tandem with a manipulator and a grapple, the low-wide bunk system of the machine increases the working area. This symbiosis helps to reduce the loading and unloading time and improve the performance.  For the operator, the forwarder has the optimal working conditions. Owing to excellent visibility from the cab, the grapple always remains in sight which reduces operator fatigue.

‘During the demo show, EkoNivaSibir’s customers saw the competitive advantages of Tigercat machines’, says Artyom Shilov, Tigercat Official Representative in Russia. ‘The robustness, reinforced assemblies, central hinge joints, cranes and booms, tapered roller bearings, bushings, cylinder rods – altogether, this allows our machines to operate like clockwork in the hardest conditions. Moreover, all units for maintenance and repair are within easy access – that’s the service many of our competitors lack.’

Tigercat manufactures a full range of tree-length and cut-to-length logging equipment while the majority of other brands offer only wheeled machines for the latter harvesting system.

‘Last year, the news that EkoNivaSibir started supplying forestry machinery to our market came as a welcome surprise to me’, says Andrey Yefremov, Head of Gorizont farming enterprise located in Kemerovo oblast. ‘No doubt Tigercat equipment has gained a good reputation. To see everything with our own eyes, we accepted the invitation of EkoNivaSibir and went to the Scottish exhibition. It was a showcase for the powerful machines renowned for exemplary work. Tigercat representatives shared expertise and drew parallels with other manufacturers highlighting the key benefits of the brand. The demonstrated equipment really impressed us, and the event in general brought us lots of positive emotions.’

EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding is about to complete active preparation in the run-up to the first sales of Tigercat machines. Service technicians have undergone training at the Tigercat plant in Canada, and the regional spare part warehouses are set up. Most importantly, popular models of the brand are already in stock. In a word, the dealer is all ready for sales and service of forestry equipment.

‘EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding is our youngest dealer’, summarises Artyom Shilov. ‘Currently, Tigercat’s market share in Russia is comparatively small, that is why we do hope EkoNiva will give it a boost and high sales are just in the short run.’