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Vaderstad TopDown delivers outstanding performance


The Swedish manufacturer Vaderstad is one of the acknowledged leaders in the world farm machinery building. The equipment of this brand is successfully used at big enterprises allowing them to effectively reduce operating costs and improve product quality. Versatility is among the obvious advantages of Vaderstad machines. It can be illustrated by the vivid example of the TopDown cultivator performing both full-scale shallow and deep tillage in one single pass.

The TopDown is a multipurpose machine combining the functions of an intensive disc cultivator and a robust three-axle tine cultivator. The 12.5-cm spaced discs on individual arms create fine tilth by loosening and mixing the top soil. Thanks to the conical shape, they maintain the same operating angle relative to the ground, regardless of the wear or working depth. The operating intensity of the discs can be adjusted on the move from the cab.

With the 27-cm tine spacing, the TopDown loosens and then mixes the soil and crop residues down to 30-cm depth. The 700-kg hydraulic system pressure on one arm provides the proper working depth in all conditions, thus laying the groundwork for the future crop.

The hydraulically adjustable rotating levelling discs ensure an even surface. Their sealed bearings make them maintenance-free. The hydraulically adjustable packer reconsolidates the soil across the full working width of the machine.

Being able to adapt to different conditions in the field while delivering excellent performance, the TopDown proves to be a highly versatile multipurpose cultivator. Carrying out numerous operations, it creates a good seedbed in one pass, preserves soil moisture, reduces soil compaction and increases the output during the most hectic periods on the farm.

‘We purchased three Vaderstad TopDown cultivators for our enterprise right after its foundation in 2013’, relates Aleksandr Narykov, Chief Engineer of Agro-Ostrogozhsk LLC. ‘Before that, we had been testing the quality and efficiency of this model at Agro-Oskol CJSC, our parent company, since 2010. For our farming operations, the cultivators are coupled with the 9 Series John Deere tractors. Agro-Ostrogozhsk LLC is engaged in growing a full range of row and cereal crops on the land of 12,000 hectares, and it turns out that each TopDown cultivator has helped us to till about 48,000 hectares for these six years.’

‘Being amazingly versatile, these machines are perfectly suited for our farm’, adds Aleksandr Narykov. ‘Sometimes, we have to use the TopDown in severe conditions like freezing temperatures or areas with solonetz. Each and every time, this cultivator convinces us of its quality and high reliability.’