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Tigercat machines for severe duty off-road applications


The specialists of EkoNivaSibir held a demo show of Tigercat forestry equipment to introduce the innovative tree harvesting systems manufactured by the world-renowned Canadian company. The event took place on the premises of Tomlesdrev, LLC at Chichkayulskiy timber procurement enterprise in Pervomayskoye district, Tomsk oblast.


The distinguishing features of the brand are high performance, durability and a long service life of the components. Tigercat units have long been an integral part of the forestry machinery fleet all around the world. Last year, EkoNivaTekhnika-Holding became a Tigercat dealer in Siberia and the western part of Russia.

‘Currently, we are actively promoting the forestry machinery focusing on the delivery of outstanding service’, shares Aleksandr Zuyev, Head of Sales Department of EkoNivaSibir. ‘During the showcase at Tomlesdrev, we demonstrated the Tigercat 855E feller buncher and the 620E six-wheel drive skidder for logging operations.’

Tomlesdrev, LLC is the largest in the region enterprise engaged in timber harvesting and processing. The total annual timber output exceeds 1 million cubic metres. The company’s core business is tree-length harvesting as this approach ensures comprehensive processing of the main parts of a tree. The demo show highlighted the outstanding performance of Tigercat machinery.

‘The advantages of Tigercat equipment over the counterparts are obvious’, continues Aleksandr Zuyev. ‘All the machines released to the Russian market can boast of a Tigercat FPT N67 engine that has stood the test of time. Tigercat engines embody reliability, low operating costs and considerable fuel economy. The clients were greatly impressed with the equipment of the models, the performance of the hydraulic system and the redesigned operator’s station.’

The Tigercat 855E series feller buncher is a highly efficient and productive machinery unit capable of delivering high output while working virtually round the clock. The machine features long frames and a wide wheelbase for excellent stability. It is equipped with ER®, Tigercat’s patented technology that allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick.

‘The skidder’s main task is to efficiently perform the logging operations in a variety of terrain conditions, tree sizes and species and to deliver wood to roadside at the lowest cost’, comments Aleksandr Zuyev. ‘The unique drive system combines hydrostatics with electronic control technology, which ensures automatic variable engine speed adjustment for high fuel efficiency and extra torque when necessary.’

User-friendliness is a distinctive feature of a Tigercat skidder as it includes an electronic armrest-mounted joystick, which is used for steering, performing boom, grapple and blade functions. Besides, an electronic foot pedal controls the front and rear gears with a forward/reverse selector switch.

During the show case, the specialists in forestry industry had an opportunity to test drive the machinery units. Gary MacDonald, Tigercat Representative, held a workshop on efficient felling and logging for the technicians and operators. Particular emphasis during the training was placed on the key aspects ensuring smooth and efficient operation of both a feller buncher and a skidder.

‘When working with the Tigercat 855E feller buncher, the operator should fill the Tigercat felling head accumulating area to capacity’, shares Artyom Shilov, Representative of Tigercat in Russia. ‘Besides, the 340-degree wrist is a prerequisite for excellent control, minimising damage to the high value timber and doubling.’

Reducing reverse movement of the feller buncher and rational planning of felling process are the key points for the operator to follow as putting the abovementioned approaches into practice results in fuel economy, performance increase up to 30-40 per cent and an extended service life of track drive components.

‘The showcase of Tigercat forestry equipment has clearly demonstrated its edge over competitors’, comments Nikolay Ananyev, Deputy Head of Tomlesdrev, LLC. ‘The machinery operators have noted that the models are packed with the cutting-edge solutions. Besides, the manufacturer has done the right thing by opting for EkoNiva-Tekhnika, a reputable dealer capable of providing the clients with excellent after-sales service, whose in-house spare parts storage facility is conveniently located in Novosibirsk.’

The test drive made a lasting impression on the attendees, convincing the management of the enterprise that the specialised machinery for industrial applications would be a welcome addition to their machinery fleet.