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Digital solutions in agriculture


The present-day agriculture is packed with technology. Industry specialists realise that it holds the key to the future. Equipping farm machinery with digital systems has become the key issue at Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Field Days. 


The event in Kemerovo oblast featured an innovative system AG-DATA Integrator from John Deere presented by EkoNivaSibir.        

The product allows to integrate all the data concerning the operation of John Deere machinery and the equipment of other brands in 1С: Enterprise framework.

‘AG-DATA Integrator system is designed for planning and controlling of the work in a field,’ says Anton Grebnev, Satellite Navigation Sales and Service Representative at EkoNivaSibir. ‘It uploads up-to-date field maps, data about the self-propelled machinery, trailed equipment, crops, types of operations performed in the field. The system makes a plan-fact analysis, records the fertilizer, plant protection agent and seed application rates in the form of a matrix. Another function it performs is generation of accounting documents based on the data streaming from the machinery. The system also ensures record-keeping of the land register information. It all facilitates and saves time spent on data collection.’   

In association with AO Kudryashovskoye, EkoNivaSibir launched a pilot project designed to test AG-DATA Integrator system on the premises of the enterprise. The novelty will provide effective control over the machinery fleet and enable specialists to take the right management decisions.         

At Novosibirsk Field Day, the topic of smart technology in agricultural production was explored further.   

‘The number of farms adopting digital solutions is increasing annually in the region,’ says Yevgeniy Leshchenko, Minister of Agriculture of Novosibirsk oblast. ‘The ratio of farm machinery equipped with digital systems amounts to 12% in the oblast. Compared with the previous year, it has grown by 4%.’

For 17 years, EkoNivaSibir has supplied highly efficient machinery equipped with various navigation systems and customized to the needs of a particular farm to the local agricultural enterprises. The four-wheel drive tractor John Deere 6095B, which has stolen the limelight at the trade show, is just one of the models on offer from EkoNivaSibir. It fits the farms of all sizes.

‘The John Deere 6095B is a versatile tractor,’ says Aleksandr Burmak, EkoNivaSibir Sales Representative. ‘The machine performs a wide range of operations. It has shown its worth in tilling, hilling, ploughing, harrowing and planting of crops and vegetables. With a relatively low engine power of 95 hp the machine boasts best-in-class pulling performance and can work even virgin land. The model can be equipped with various AMS navigation systems for precision farming.

The tractors together with the John Deere Financial programme captivated the farmers’ attention. The company always has some special finance offers to let their customers buy machinery on favourable terms.