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Absolute precision with Liquid System


This season, EkoNivaSibir has held a number of demo shows of Liquid System, including the one at Irmen breeding farm located in Verkh-Irmen village, Ordynskoye district, Novosibirsk oblast. The Australian know-how makes it possible to retrofit conventional seed drills for applying liquid fertiliser.


Experienced farmers put an enormous value on the use of liquid fertiliser as it reaches the root system of plants faster and, compared to dry fertiliser, is more efficient if there is lack of moisture.

‘According to the observations, when using liquid fertiliser, the average yield increase is about 1 t/ha depending on the conditions, technology and other factors’, says Anton Grebnev, Satellite Systems Sales and Service Representative of EkoNivaSibir. ‘Liquid Systems is a company which specialises in the development and manufacture of smart liquid fertilisation systems for a wide range of equipment. The main feature of this solution is the John Deere Rate Controller 2000 which makes the system fully integrated into the CAN bus of John Deere machinery.’

The application of smart technologies at farming enterprises allows to achieve significant economies in the material introduced in addition to boosted yields. It precisely deals with problem areas of fields, which has a beneficial effect on the eventual outcome.

‘Irmen breeding farm has already tried this technical know-how’, continues Anton Grebnev. ‘The agricultural enterprise keeps pace with the times and strives to use all the opportunities offered by smart farming. This season, liquid and dry fertiliser was first introduced according to the prescription based on the soil test data. Maps of the actual application were obtained later during the work. The subsequent analysis of the received information at MyJohnDeere Operations Centre showed 97% of matches between the actual map and the prescription map. This suggests a very precise and quality distribution of the product.’

What is particularly important is that the shift in the application rate within the field takes place automatically with minimal participation of the machine operator. The device is designed for independent prescription-based work.

‘It is a very successful innovation’, shares Mikhail Rudnev, Chief Engineer of Irmen breeding farm. ‘We used to apply only dry feed but with this system installed, we have the opportunity to use additional fertiliser. This year, we have also tried the KAS-32 liquid fertiliser for the first time and got excellent seedlings. We are looking forward to reaping the harvest.’

It is common knowledge that the application of KAS-32 at sowing is an effective measure for growing various crops as it ensures sustainable development of roots and ramp-up of the plant green mass. Irmen owners are anticipating September to evaluate the results using combine harvesters equipped with yield testing instruments. However, the farmers have no doubt that they will gather a good harvest.