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Rushing to the rescue


What machinery do you choose to be fully prepared for the harvesting campaign? EkoNiva-Tekhnika presented the equipment for the farmers at 2019 Tula Field Day to answer the question. Company specialists can give you a clue about what to put your finger on at the exhibition.


The event presented a wide range of machines to the locals: the John Deere 6155М and the John Deere 6135В tractors, the John Deere 8320R wheel-type tractor, the John Deere T670i combine harvester and the John Deere R4050i self-propelled sprayer which has already melted farmers’ hearts.  

‘We are growing cereals and oil crops on the area of 5,000 ha,’ says Vadim Zheltkov, Deputy Director General of Volovoselkhoztekhnika farming enterprise. ‘We are looking closely at the John Deere R4050i self-propelled sprayer at the exhibition, because we need a machine to manage rape.’

The farming enterprise has known EkoNiva-Tekhnika for a long time. John Deere 6th and 8th series tractors have done a good job in the fields of the farm for five years.        

‘I love the tractors, they work very well,’ adds Vadim Zheltkov, ‘Tula branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika provides the highest level of service. They are a truly professional team! 

Harvesting campaign is at the door in Tula oblast. The JohnDeereT670i combine harvester is rushing to the rescue.

‘The John Deere Т670 combine with active separation is a perfect helping hand tool in our region,’ says Vitaliy Kozorez, Director of Tula branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika, ‘it is capable of threshing grain swiftly and thoroughly, preventing its damage. The combine has high production capacity and even high humidity cannot stop it from successfully performing its tasks. We have 17 combines of this model in Tula region.’

Fliegl ULW30 overloading trailer can speed up the harvesting process. 

‘When the weather is wet, Fliegl overloading trailer is an indispensable aid,’ confesses Vitaliy Kozorez. ‘The machine increases the productivity of crop harvesting up to 30% and minimizes downtime.’

Grimme SE150 60 combine harvester can help harvest potatoes carefully.                

‘It is a powerful trailed potato harvester with side bars,’ says Vitaliy Kozorez. ‘The model has won great popularity in the agricultural sector due to its simplicity of use, high level of automation of processes, ease of maintenance and durability. In one run, the combine digs potatoes, separates haulm and soil, gently shakes the potato tubers and loads them into the vehicle.

The John Deere 560M baler is in high demand in Tula region.

‘The JohnDeere 560M baler is a good option for continuous use,’ says Sergey Plotnikov the Head of the Sales Department of Tula Branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika, ‘it produces bales of 1.87 m in diameter and is suitable for most crops and conditions.’

At the Tula Field Day EkoNiva consultant Willy Drews, PhD in agronomy, presented an innovative solution for precision farming.

‘FRITZMEIER ISARIA nitrogen sensor is used world-wide,’ says Willy Drews. ’ISARIA plant stand sensor measures nitrogen content in plants in real-time mode with the help of the invisible to the human eye radiation. It allows for accurate calculation of potential yield, mapping of the yield zones and appropriate distribution of nitrogen fertilisers. In the end, what you get is high yield, considerable saving on fertilizers and material resources.’

EkoNiva has the best machinery on offer and it is always rushing to the rescue promptly enough for farmers to save their time and resources.