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Growth injection


How to boost crop yield? Experts from EkoNivaSibir can answer this question. Since the beginning of the spring field season, they have commenced trials of Liquiliser trailed equipment produced by DUPORT. 


DUPORT, a company of Dutch origin, is one of the leading enterprises in manufacturing machines for applying liquid fertiliser. Their Liquiliser unit was designed specially for liquid fertilizer injection into the soil.

‘The technology of applying liquid fertiliser is actively utilised by the farmers around the globe’, says Aleksey Burkhovetsky, Senior Sales Representative of EkoNivaSibir. ‘We want our regional agricultural producers to get familiar with the Liquiliser system and to start using it to boost the yield capacity. We have already assessed the equipment efficiency in the fields of Krasnozyorskoye district, currently we are negotiating with farmers from other regions. Although the Liquiliser is a new product, it has already aroused interest.  The new system allows to inject fertiliser into the soil with any cultivation history using the No-Till technology or the conventional one. It provides nutrients to crops, increases draught resistance and efficiently suppresses weeds.’

The Liquiliser design includes a sturdy frame and bikes fitted with long spokes through which fertiliser is injected into the soil. As all the unit parts are made of stainless steel, they are highly reliable and durable. 

‘In spring we had a demo-show of the Liquiliser in the fields belonging to Vays farming enterprise’, continues Aleksey Burkhovetsky. ‘We fertilised 10 hectares of wheat crops, a month later we could witness intensive growth of the bright-coloured sprouts. These facts confirm that the plants had enough nitrogen, and now they are actively developing.’

Siberian farmers can evaluate the indispensable help of the Liquiliser, and the experts from EkoNivaSibir will give them a hand with that. Today, they have on offer machines with working widths varying from 4 to 13 metres and tank capacities from 2,000 to 9,000 litres.