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BvL among top 5 best exporters


BvL has entered the top 5 list during the 10th international trade awarding ceremony. The state of Lower Saxony (FRG) annually awards organizations for special achievements in foreign trade. The solemn ceremony took place in Hannover during the largest industrial exhibition in the world – HANNOVER MESSE 2019.


BvL company was nominated for this award for the first time and it was a success. The producers of animal feeding machinery and technologies were among the leaders and that comes as no surprise. BvL has been successfully working in the market for agricultural machinery for 150 years, being a fifth generation family-run company. Today its turnover equals to 55 million euros. Over 400 employees support and develop the innovative spirit of the company.

‘BvL successfully exports its services and commodities all around the globe’, said Bernd Altusmann, Minister of Economics in Lower Saxony. ‘The company is a world leading creator of feeding technologies solutions. BvL uses its export potential in a profitable way – 70% od machinery produced are sold abroad.’

Begeisterung, Verantwortung, Leidenschaft (BvL) translate from German as “enthusiasm, responsibility, passion”. These words are the base of the company’s name and its motto. BvL develops and produces biogas and system technologies and also up-to-date technologies for extracting and spreading. Their famous and reliable mixer wagons have won popularity among farmers long time ago.

‘Although we were nominated for the first time, we made it into the top five’, says Bernard ban Lengerich, Managing Director of BvL. ‘We intend to stick to the high quality standards and meet our customers’ requirements, offering original technologies in farm livestock feeding.’

EkoNiva-Tekhnika and BvL have been fruitfully and effectively collaborating – over 70 BvL machinery units are present at farms in various regions of the country.
‘Specialized mixing wagons are in high demand among the farmers’, says Artyom Konoplyov, Brand Manager of the Sales Department at Kaluga branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘Also demand among our buyers is high for attachable equipment for telehandlers, intended for cutting silage. Among the rest of mixing wagons in the market, currently the machinery by BvL is the most reliable.’   

The main BvL advantages: high quality of materials used while manufacturing the machinery and the patented unloading EDS system, intended for ensuring even foddering.

Nowadays EkoNiva-Tekhnika Holding in collaboration with the supplier company BvL is willing to offer to its partners an interesting solution in optimizing the process of cattle feeding – a versatile system V-DAIRY FEEDER for feed management and control. This mobile management system assists the farmer in controlling all processes involved in feeding. For example, it can rapidly adjust rations when feed quality changes. All you will need is an electronic device with Internet access.

Partners of EkoNiva-Tekhnika are running those systems in trial mode. There are already first positive reviews and it is obvious, that the future is the innovation’s.