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Heading East!


The customers of EkoNiva-Tekhnika have travelled to many corners of the world to get insights into the working processes of the most state-of-the-art plants producing agricultural machinery. The trips were usually west-oriented, however, this time, EkoNiva has taken its clients to the mysterious Celestial Empire.


The group of clients and employees of EkoNiva-Tekhnika set off for China on 17 March. Time spent there was rich in both business and cultural aspects. The first destination point on their route was the city of Tianjin, home to the John Deere plant manufacturing 6B series tractors. These machines have long established themselves as reliable and versatile helpers that can withstand the hardest loads.

‘EkoNiva has been supplying John Deere 6B Series tractors to the market for more than five years’, says Eduard Ivanov, Head of Sales Department of EkoNiva-Chernozemye. ‘With its robust quality and high versatility, this machinery is made to meet the needs of any farmer both in the field and on the farm as it features increased lifting capacity for ploughing, fertilising and pest management.’

The next point on the group’s agenda was the visit to the John Deere facility in Ningbo producing over 55,000 machinery units per year. The visitors took a closer look at the John Deere 3B Series tractor, which is not supplied to the Russian market yet, and even had a unique chance to test-drive it.

‘The sales of compact tractors in the Russian market increase by approx. 10% year on year’, continues Eduard Ivanov. ‘EkoNiva is currently negotiating the possibility of expanding the range of equipment supplied by John Deere. If no problems considering the certification come up, next year we will provide our agricultural market with the John Deere 3B Series tractors.’

The trip to China was pleasant as well as informative. After visiting high-tech John Deere production sites, the guests had a chance to gain insight into the local culture. The group saw the Great wall of China, the Olympic facilities in Beijing and explored the sights of Shanghai.

‘It is always pleasant to take part in such trips, especially if they are arranged by EkoNiva’, shares Viktor Kotov, Head of farming enterprise (Voronezh oblast). ‘These visits to John Deere plants have made us sure that the machinery produced there is distinguished by its high quality, reliability and robustness. Besides, it was so exciting to get behind the scenes of production sites, meet the experts in person and get acquainted with the peculiarities of agriculture in China.’

‘The emotions from the trip are extremely positive’, says Aleksandr Morozov, Head of Doronichi farming enterprise (Kirov oblast). ‘This opportunity to test-drive the machine is seldom provided at machinery plants, thus, the tour of John Deere production site and a test drive have been especially advantageous for us. In my experience, I have operated John Deere harvesters and powerful tractors, so I can say for sure that low hp machines are also comfortable to operate. I am grateful to John Deere and EkoNiva for the immaculate organisation of the trip and the unrivalled experience that will remain in the memory for years.’