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Leaders of Voronezh oblast


The 10th annual gala ceremony honouring the 16 winners of the Leader of the Year 2018 award took place in Voronezh.

By Svetlana VEBER

‘We are celebrating the people who have earned the respect of all the residents of Voronezh oblast through their hard work, remarkable talents and brave deeds’, says Aleksandr Gusev, Governor of Voronezh oblast.

According to Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Aleksey Gordeyev, the dignitary of the ceremony, a leader is first and foremost the master of his or her life, who is self-sufficient and capable of tirelessly moving toward their goals and doing what is right despite outside pressures to change or conform.

‘It is always with excitement that I come to Voronezh oblast’, says Aleksey Gordeyev. ‘The land has a very special place in my heart, I see a lot of dear, kind faces here. I am happy to track the region’s continued development, its name being often heard at the federal level. What I am talking about is not even the economic indicators, but rather the special atmosphere that you manage to maintain.’

Stefan Duerr received an award in the category ‘Choice of the Expert Council’, which was presented to him by Boris Nesterov, Chairman of the Management Board of Leader Civic Association.

‘Although you can detect the hint of a German accent in my voice, I have been named a fellow countryman here, which is a great honour for me’, said Stefan Duerr. ‘EkoNiva works all over Russia, but Voronezh oblast has always been and remains the main operation site for our company. I am thankful that we were warmly welcomed here.’

Aleksey Gordeyev, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, was awarded for his great contribution to the development of Voronezh oblast in the category ‘Leader of the Decade’, which was introduced specifically for the anniversary of the award.

Aleksey Gordeyev accepted the award and wished the audience a happy New Year. In his speech, he pointed out that together the award-winners make up a strong team that is capable of taking the level of development of Voronezh oblast to new heights.