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In the age of information technologies, any machine operator can try their hand at IT solution managing. Precision farming, allowing efficient use of every inch of land, is gaining popularity. Cutting-edge software calls for multifunctional displays and modems.


John Deere offers a new state- of- the- art navigation solution — the Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE. The modem works with a real time kinematic system on the basis of cellular connection. The Mobile RTK 4G LTE modem with an activated SIM-card is attached to the StarFire receiver on the tractor and continually transmits the high-accuracy +/– 2.5 cm corrections.

‘The new product in the portfolio of John Deere facilitates farm works requiring precision’, explains Anton Grebnev, AMSspecialist of EkoNiva-Sibir. ‘These include, for example, seedbed preparation, inter-row tillage, row crop planting and cultivation. The machine operator manages the system himself: he sets the route and the working width of the implement. The tractor receives a high-precision signal and drives smoothly, perfectly following the preset route.’

The key advantage of the new product is that it solves the problem of connection failure in scattered fields and hilly or forest-covered terrain. The mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE does not require a direct connection with the base station, which can be located tens of kilometres away.

‘It is important that the Mobile RTK correction signal is transmitted via cellular technology’, specifies Anton Grebnev. ‘With two high performance antennas, The Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE ensures optimal reception and signal stability. The choice of the cellular connection provider is entirely up to the client.’

Currently, the model is being tested at KDV AGRO LLC (Polomoshnoye village, Yashkino district, Kemerovo oblast). The enterprise grows potato varieties suitable for crisps production. The farm works used in the production process are quite challenging to perform without high-precision technologies. The Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE has proved itself as a reliable assistant to any farmer.