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People of action


All three branches of EkoNivaTekhnika-Holding have received well-deserved awards at the John Deere dealer conference dedicated to after-sales machinery support.


Based on the results of 2017, EkoNivaSibir has become Dealer of the Year. The company is first in Russia going by the number of contracts drawn and repairs performed.

‘A few hundreds of our customers have chosen scheduled maintenance’, says Denis Kondratyev, Executive Director of EkoNivaSibir. ‘We are glad to have received the challenge cup, which speaks volumes of the quality of work of our spare parts and servicing departments. We plan to support and build on what we have already achieved.’

The clients appreciate such attitude and trust the professionals to do maintenance for them.

‘The machinery calculates the timing of maintenance itself based on engine hours’, shares his expressions Anton Krytsyn, Executive Director of Siberian organic products (Tomsk oblast). ‘Technicians control the units remotely, coming to us when necessary. We came to EkoNivaSibir following advice from our friends, a long-standing customer with EkoNiva.’

John Deere is celebrating professional dealer approach to after-sales support for the second year running.

‘We have around 500 units of machinery, every third one of which is connected to FarmSight’, says Aleksey Osotov, Head of Engineer Department. ‘We perform defect identification, do timely repairs ourselves, don’t drive the machinery to the centre without the need. All is done to achieve the goal of eliminating breakdowns during the season.’

EkoNiva-Chernosemye was among the top three Russian leaders introducing FarmSight.

‘We adjusted service packages based on customer wishes’, says Stanislav Dolbin, Head of After-Sales Support Department of EkoNiva-Chernozemye. ‘Farmers approach programme choice with thoughtful consideration, they provide economic rationale. The profit can be evaluated in the long-term perspective, over more than one year. We accept payment on the “pay as you go” basis, the schedule for which is approved a year in advance.’

EkoNiva-Tekhnika received an award for adoption of the FarmSight strategy.

‘If a dealer wishes to sell a service package, it has to meet certain John Deere requirements’, clarifies Natalya Nepomnyashchaya, Head of Order and Spare Parts Department for Central Region of EkoNIva-Tekhnika. ‘We have achieved maximum compliance, having satisfied all the salesmanship, logistics, financial organisation, and occupational employee training demands.’