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German quality for Russian farmers


Fliegl trailed machinery is a synonym of German quality and sophistication.


Molvest, the largest Russian milk processor, favours Fliegl. The company acquired a Profi spreader mechanism and a multifunctional ASW 4101 push-off trailer. Precision and versatility became the decisive factors in the choice. The Profi spreader mechanism is equipped with a feed rate regulator, which works automatically and ensures a perfectly even spread pattern; the spread mass distribution precision has been independently tested and confirmed by the DLG (German Agricultural Society). The ASW push-off trailer when fitted with certain attachments can serve as a manure spreader or an overhead screw conveyor.

‘We use the screw conveyor to spread manure’, says Aleksandr Khoroshilov, Purchase Specialist of Molvest. ‘We have spread over 30,000 tonnes of manure in the past 1.5 years. We’ve chosen it for its versatility, as it is important to optimise the production processes and look for opportunities to control your costs. Fliegl trailers can be easily combined with optional attachments that considerably expand their application range, which, in its turn, helps to save considerably on acquiring new machines.’

Tyurinskiy Agricultural Complex (Tula oblast) is engaged in milk and grain production. It started purchasing Fliegl machinery in 2014. Currently, four Fliegl machines are operating at the enterprise: two overhead screw conveyors and two trailers. None is idling.

‘Fliegl machines are indispensable for putting up haylage and harvesting cereals’, shares Dmitriy Segal, Purchase Manager of Tyurinskiy Agricultural Complex. ‘We have selected this machinery for good price-quality ratio.’

Fliegl overhead screw conveyors can be used for a variety of works and can feed different material to a height of up to 5.30 metres. According to Dmitriy Segal, the fact that EkoNiva-Tekhnika performs the service and maintenance of the machines was one of the key factors determining the choice, as it guarantees the quality and long service life of machines.

Sredneivkino Agricultural Firm (Kirov oblast) works with ASW 381 push-off trailers and Fliegl VFW 20000 vacuum tankers. The vacuum tankers pump slurry on a daily basis. The trailers transport mineral fertiliser and construction material. Each trailer is equipped with the optional Profi spreading mechanism to apply organic fertiliser, lime and phosphorite meal. Besides, during forage and cereal harvesting periods, the trailers haul green staff from the fields.