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Maximum precision


Cutting-edge technologies will ensure rising to an entirely new level in farming. New solutions and modern farming practices were discussed at an extended session of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ryazan oblast.


Sergey Krupskiy, Director of Ryazan branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika, told us about the state-of-the-art developments and solutions implemented at the farming enterprises of the region. The John Deere AMS system allows performing field operations with maximum precision. Depending on navigation type and signal intensity, the overlap area decreases by 99%. In essence, it is an ‘autopilot’ system, which simplifies the work of machine operators significantly.

The JD Link system allows remote access to a tractor or a combine, controls the machine’s track and fuel consumption and monitors the condition of the machine’s components. Almost one fourth of the breakdowns are eliminated directly on site and the machine does not have to leave the field.

The FarmSight system provides additional opportunities for cutting maintenance costs. The main purpose of the system is to increase operational efficiency of the machine by means of diagnostics, repair and preventative maintenance between the seasons when machines are stored in the garage.

‘Our partners believe that precision farming systems have a huge potential’, says Sergey Krupskiy. ‘For example, Head of Vyshegorodsky agricultural cooperative who was also present at the meeting, has never been afraid to try new solutions. He has equipped his machinery with the John Deere AutoTrac system. I am happy to see that farmers are becoming more and more rational. They understand that receiving enough data for analysis and monitoring machines in the field ensures prompt decision making, which helps to maintain high yields, extend the service life of machines and save time.’

It was decided to establish a special committee, which would work on implementation and development of precision farming in the region. Another important decision was to allocate a part of the regional budget to the development of science and agriculture.

‘Food security of the country is one of our key tasks’, says Sergey Dudukin, Deputy Head of the Government of Ryazan oblast. ‘Modern tillage practices and harvest quality improvement are components of this task.’