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An Example of Efficiency


Zashchitnoe  Dairy (Shchigrovsky district) receives 30 litres of milk per cow per day!  Aleksandr Mikhailov, Governor of the Kursk Oblast had an opportunity to see it for himself. The Head of the Region and the Heads of Districts visited the enterprise and took part at the seminar on livestock farming.


First of all, Alexandr Mikhailov went to see the dairy which milks 600 head of Simmental cows. Every day, the enterprise receives over 11 tonnes of high quality milk which is delivered to Tula Milk Processing Plant.   The price per kilo is 30 rub. Profitability – 17.5%. Alexey Zolotarev, Deputy Governor of the Kursk Oblast pointed out that the numbers are impressive.

Ekaterina Brusentseva, Head of the Dairy, gave a tour of her operation and told the guests that great attention is given to feeding and formulating balanced rations. The company produces its own feed. Housing, milking, herd management – everything is done in accordance with the cutting edge technologies. The guests saw how the calves are kept at individual hutches. The youngest ones, under one month old, are dressed in warm jackets.

‘Today we saw a vivid example of efficient dairy production established by Stefan Dürr in the Kursk oblast’, says Alexandr Mikhailov. ‘Our German colleague has proved that this area of activity can be profitable and  can bring good returns on investment if the working processes are correctly organized’.

Participants of the seminar discussed the issues of herd size increase and milk and meat production volume growth. Last year, the total meat production volume reached 386 thsd. tonnes, which is 100 thsd. tonnes more than in 2013. Currently, the Kursk oblast occupies the second place in terms of meat production in the Central Federal District and the fourth place in Russia. The government has set a high goal for 2015 before the livestock farmers – to improve the milk production and to maintain the high meat production results. In 2014, the livestock farmers of the region received 3 billion rubles of governmental support. This year, the governmental support programmes will be continued. The government is planning to grant additional funds for the development of dairy production.