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Spring “Marathon” from Vaderstad


The new agricultural season is at the door. It is a real marathon not only for agricultural producers but also for the machinery. This is the time when it is extremely important not to let a single machine to fall out of the race, to ensure that none of the spare parts will let you down.


‘Points of a cultivator are like a bow of a violin’, says Alexey Kirsanov, regional representative of the Service Department of Vaderstad in Russia. ‘One cannot play even the best musical instrument if the bow is broken. The same is true for the points. A cultivator in good working order, equipped with worn-out points, cannot bring the soil to the required standards. Moreover, unlike bows, points are more subject to wear and take more time to replace’.

Swedish company Vaderstad designed the new long lasting Marathon points for its cultivators. They are plated with special type of hard metal that allows them to improve the working capacity.

Regular points wear faster and therefore they lose their shape. Moreover, the front points are more susceptible to wearing than the back ones. Therefore, the soil cultivation is not even. Marathon points reinforced with tungsten-carbide alloy, maintain their form throughout their entire working life. No more depth adjustment to compensate for uneven wear.

Sharp points also have a lower draught requirement and use less diesel.

Based on the experience of the agricultural producers who use Marathon, the points need to be changed each 1,400-1,600 ha depending on the soil type. It is two times longer than the working life of regular points.