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Meet the Newcomer in EkoNiva


There has been a new addition to the wide range of agricultural machines offered by EkoNiva – Haybuster. The trailed straw choppers Balebuster 2564 and Balebuster 2650 deserve a special attention.


Haybuster straw choppers (USA) have been working at livestock farming enterprises all over the world for over forty years. However, in Russia, this is a new name. Nevertheless, the versatility, simplicity of construction and, most importantly, performance of these machines have attracted Russian agricultural producers as well.

‘We have already shipped the first machine to Zarechnoe LLC (Voronezh oblast)’, says Gennadiy Nepomnyashchiy, Executive Director of EkoNiva-Technika LLC. ‘This enterprise is one of the standard bearers of beef livestock farming in our country. If professional livestock farmers have chosen this model, this says a lot!’. Due to the specifics of structure, the straw choppers show a very high performance. For example, one machine can cover the needs of a farm housing 30,000 head of cattle.

The scope of work performed by Balebuster 2564 and Haybuster Balebuster 2650 is impressive. The straw cannon will spread straw into long pole barns and large open lots for cattle. With the curved spout or enclosed curved spout, pack barns or pens can be bedded over the top of fences/gates from alleyways. Hay as well as silage bales, can be processed into a mixer wagon for the formulation of a TMR.

Balebuster 2564 is equipped with an optional dual discharge conveyor which blocks off the fan and turns the machine into a bunk feeder.

A 7.6m or 15.2 m hose kit provides an easy way to apply bedding and mulch into poultry barns and smaller areas where more precise application is necessary or the processor cannot enter.

The Haybuster straw choppers can also be used to control erosion in the fields. The straw cannon can shoot straw mulch up to 30.5. It works especially well for slopes and the areas that are not easily accessible.