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Not to sow twice in the same spring


At the Voronezhagro exhibition, EkoNiva-Chernozemye was awarded a gold medal for popularising modern technologies and introducing the John Deere 1890 seeding system to the farms of the region.

By Yulia Salkova

Company experts say the John Deere 1890 grain drill is the flagship of minimum and no-till seeding technology. The single disc coulter ideally cuts unprepared soil with a large amount of crop residues. Thanks to the centralised change of pressure applied to the coulter disc gang (up to 181 kg), the drill can be adapted for operation in extremely adverse field conditions.

Opening the exhibition, Alexander Kvasov, first deputy of the head of the Voronezh oblast’s Department of Agrarian Policy, touched on the subject on new technologies.

“Everybody knows that no seeding is possible twice in one spring,” said Alexander Kvasov. “We’ve done a good job in this farming season, having harvested around 4.5 million tonnes of grain. Next season won’t be any worse! We must continue to increase the per hectare output, not just increase the hectares as such. Realising this, many farms are adopting new technologies. We are here precisely to help them choose the right equipment for the coming season.”

The John Deere 1890 was awarded a medal, while the John Deere 1745 precise seeding drill won the spectators’ sympathies. Guests of the EkoNiva-Chernozemye display got quite interested in that machine, which appeared on the Russian market this year.

“The forefather of the John Deere 1745, the legendary John Deere DB drill, is known to all the farmers,” says Aleksey Meshcheryakov, sales department manager. “The new drill has been aptly upgraded in several aspects. The most essential of them is, probably, installation of the fertiliser bin. It was missing on the predecessor, John Deere DB drill. The large bin of John Deere 1745 (2,400 kg) on the central frame substantially cuts the loading time. The frame design, too, has been optimised to follow more precisely the terrain features. In order to maintain the specified seeding depth, the maximum vertical and horizontal displacement of each row module has been set to 35 cm.”    

EkoNiva-Chernozemye specialists noted that this year the demand for John Deere caterpillar tractors has grown still higher. They offer such advantages as early work on the field in spring, less damage to the soil, lower fuel consumption and higher draught. So, if demand is on the rise, it means that the modern technologies work!