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Agrosalon agricultural exhibitionThis year, the Agrosalon agricultural exhibition grew considerably to 558 exhibitors from 29 countries around the world, showing off more than 700 units of farm equipment and machinery. This is natural considering the slump on the global agricultural equipment market and the reduced demand for machines everywhere except Russia. In our country, market growth reached 18%. Given that when there is demand, there is supply. For that reason, the best offerings from the world’s agricultural machine-building industry were displayed at the Agrosalon exhibition.

By Svetlana Weber, Anna Bordunova

Competition breeds innovation

One of this season’s trends is to propose not a specific machine, but an overall technical solution to a specific problem. As for the machines themselves, they have come to look like spacecraft, not only in appearance, but also in internal contents. If it were possible to measure the tractor’s, seeder’s, or harvester’s IQ and to compare it to that of equivalent equipment from last year, the growth of intellect would be striking. Electronics, automation and robotics have become a matter of course. Could one previously imagine a fodder combine automatically controlling the quality of the fodder being harvested? Now it is possible, thanks to the John Deere-developed HarvestLab herbage analysing system, which measures the nutrient and moisture content. This development was awarded a silver medal at the exhibition’s innovations contest and is already being supplied to Russian farmers.

Agrosalon agricultural exhibitionIn addition, John Deere has prepared a number of newly developed products that keenly interested the exhibition guests, for instance, the new semi-mounted rotary plough 3810, which will match finely with a tractor of 200 to 560 hp capacity. This is a reliable plough whose frame and blades are fitted with shear bolts for protection. This year, over 40 such ploughs have been supplied to Russia.

The special feature of the disc deep tiller 2720 is more aggressive soil treatment to a depth of 40 cm. It is unique in that its front disc batteries have a fixed lead angle of 18 degrees, while that of the rear batteries can be adjusted depending on the amount of crop residue. Another asset of the machine is its press wheel with a unique hydraulic clip arrangement which makes it possible to operate in carrying, floating, and clipped positions. The farmers also liked that by using the hydraulic drive they can control the press wheel from the tractor cabin.

Expressly for Russia, the John Deere developers have created a multi-role, low cost series 6B (95 to 135 hp) tractor. Thanks to a lifting capacity over 3,000 kg, it can be matched with heavy implements. Another new item is the 6150M tractor. This is a suitable successor to the popular tractor 6930. The new model has an upgraded hydraulic system, a highly productive pump of 114 l/min, an improved transmission and a premium class cabin.

“The Russian market is particularly important for us,” says Arne Bergmann, head of the John Deere division in Russia. “Despite the difficult political situation in the world, we have resolved to further develop, creating new equipment for Russian farmers. Today, John Deere is probably the sole company turning out the complete range of equipment and machinery needed for a full cycle of agricultural production.”

Vladimir Materikin, director of the Shatskaya farming enterprise (Ryazan oblast) and a long-standing partner of EkoNiva, set his sights on the new John Deere M700 and M900 towed sprinklers.

Agrosalon agricultural exhibition“These machines are both smart and simple to use,” Vladimir Materikin says. “Due to the intelligent automatic sections’ activation and deactivation, the sprinkling will be ultra-precise. This is just what our farms need.”  

To get a cultivator, Vladimir Materikin headed for the Vaderstad display stand. He knows the quality of the brand not by hearsay but by personal experience, since on his farm he is successfully using the Rapid seeder, a product of that company. The Swedish colleagues offered cultivators to suit any preference. The time-proven TopDown system with new discs, 47 cm in diameter, and the TrueCut cutting edge, the improved Carrier XL 625 unit for handling large amounts of crop residue and the perfectly new Opus tiller that treats the soil to a depth of 40 cm. The latter is due to appear on the Russian fields next year.

Agrosalon agricultural exhibitionThe JCB Company familiarised the farmers with space technologies, demonstrating a unique telematic system, LiveLink, which makes it possible to control the machine’s each step in real time. The system scans the machine’s data like an X-ray. The information is stored on the JCB server and is available via the Internet. The farmer will only need a PC with access to the global network in order to find out where the loader is operating, how long it has been in operation and how much fuel it is consuming. It’s a welcome fact that the LiveLink system is included in the standard component package of all the loaders.

JCB also presented a line of wheeled and tracked mini-loaders of the new generation. The lifting capacity of the smallest model is 612 kg, that of the largest is 1,495 kg. Manoeuvrability, compactness and functional versatility make these machines a fine choice both for stockbreeding and grain growing enterprises.

Agrosalon agricultural exhibitionAt the Poettinger stand, the farmers familiarised themselves with a new twin-rotor swath former, TOP 662, fitted with the Top Tech Plus rotor unit and a new mower fitted with a rear mount Novacat S12 featuring an operating width of 12 m.

“Today this is the only sowing machine on the market with such an operating width,” noted Dmitry Muratov, regional representative of Poettinger. “This mowing machine easily matches with a tractor of 120 hp and above. Its fuel consumption is 2 litres per hectare at a rate of 10 km per hour!”

Speaking at the press conference, Heinz Poettinger said that the company plans to expand its product range for the Russian market and to establish a non-stop supply of spares.

Agrosalon agricultural exhibitionThe EkoNiva stand is traditionally a meeting place of farmers and suppliers. Not only contracts are concluded here, but also burning issues are discussed, such as the unavailability and high cost of loans, costliness of resources, and fears that the sanctions may affect imports of farm equipment. Of course, all the farmers look forward to the government’s concrete measures that might help them renovate their inventory. Subsidies for purchase of imported equipment would be very useful for increasing foodstuff production, which is extremely important in the current situation.

“The farmers realize that for further progress they need modern, efficient equipment,” says Gennady Nepomnyashchy, EkoNiva-Tekhnika Executive Director. “Under the prevailing circumstances, we do our best to help farmers run their farming business efficiently. We offer them packaged solutions, such as modern agricultural machines, high quality servicing and advice on farming issues. Though the funding is shrinking, we find opportunities to support our customers.”