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The best robots are at EkoNiva


Kaluzhskaya Niva was awarded a medal for the best robotised farm in the regionKaluzhskaya Niva, one of the agricultural enterprises of EkoNiva, was awarded a medal for the best robotised farm in the region. The awards ceremony took place at the Kaluzhskaya Osen (Kaluga Autumn) exhibition.

By Anna Bordunova

The honorary award was made by Leonid Gromov, Kaluga Oblast Minister of Agriculture.  

“Kaluzhskaya Niva has well deserved the title of the best participant of the oblast programme ‘Building 100 robotised farms’,” said Leonid Gromov. “Once this livestock facility reaches the designed capacity, it will become the largest robotised complexes in Russia.”

The minister noted that the programme to build 100 robotised farms in the region is being actively introduced. Around one billion rubles have been allocated to its implementation from government funds. By the year 2016, this will increase total milk production to 270,000 tonnes.

Vladimir Kavin, head of Kaluzhskaya Niva, does not conceal his pride over the award he has received.

“I’m very pleased that our efforts have been appreciated so highly,” he said. “The milking robots have been operating on our farm for over a year. During this time we’ve significantly increased milk output. Today each cow yields annually more than 40 tonnes of premium quality milk.”

At present, four Mlone GEA Farm Technologies milking robots, each for 8 animals, work on the farm. They serve up to 450 head of cattle. In all, 32 robotised milking units will be installed at the facility.

Anatoly Nosulenko, head of the sales department at EkoNiva-Farm, an equipment supplier, said that the milking robots have created on the farm a new work standard which implies comfort for animals and convenience for staff. This is an absolutely new approach to dairy production.