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Aleksey Gordeyev: “Servicing must be borderless!”


Aleksey Gordeyev visited the servicing centre of EkoNiva-ChernozemyeAleksey Gordeyev, head of the Voronezh oblast, visited the servicing centre of EkoNiva-Chernozemye in the village of Verkhny Mamon. This is the company’s second centre for servicing farms in the south of the region.

By Yulia Salkova

Aleksey Gordeyev has visited the company’s servicing centre for the first time. At one of the flagship mock-ups of the John Deere 9510 RT (510 hp) caterpillar tractor he was met by Ivan Vorobyov, EkoNiva-Chernozemye Executive Director.  

Aleksey Gordeyev visited the servicing centre of EkoNiva-ChernozemyeIvan Vorobyov pointed out that the opening of the servicing centre has solved the chief problem of providing high quality and prompt servicing for agricultural enterprises. Now the maximum time of responding to customer applications is no more than 2 hours. For the same purpose, the company plans to open another servicing centre, in 2015, in the east of the Voronezh oblast, the largest centre on an area of 3.5 ha in the Liskinsky district on the M4 Don Highway.

The head of the oblast approved such an expansion of servicing geography.

“Servicing must be borderless”, noted Aleksey Gordeyev. “The Voronezh agricultural enterprises, the country’s best companies of the farming industry, must receive high quality and prompt support.” 

Shown to the head of the region were a showroom, spare parts depot and servicing workshops. Today the repair departments of the centre are virtually empty, as this is “the busy period” for Voronezh farmers. Ivan Vorobyov commented saying that the absence of machines in workshops testifies to the servicing quality. All the machines operate on the fields.

Aleksey Gordeyev visited the servicing centre of EkoNiva-ChernozemyeThe head of the oblast enquired after the company’s economic performance.

“While in 2013 EkoNiva-Chernozemye supplied the Voronezh oblast farmers with more than 800 units of equipment, in the first 9 months of 2014 this figure reached about 650 machines” says Ivan Vorobyov. “The company’s 2013 turnover amounted to 2,740 million rubles. The forecasted turnover in 2014 will be 2,800 million rubles.” 

The personnel issue did not go unattended, either. Today, 20 employees work at the Verhnemamonsky servicing centre. But customers are growing, so staff will soon be expanded.

At the end of the visit, Aleksey Gordeyev wished the company further dynamic development both in the supply of farm equipment and the provision of servicing, including to farmers in neighbouring oblasts. To this suggestion Ivan Vorobyov replied that it is possible, but the Voronezh farmers will always be the priority for EkoNiva-Chernozemye.