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Dmitry Medvedev visits Voronezh region


Dmitry Medvedev visits Voronezh region On October 8th, Dmitry Medvedev, Head of the Government of the Russian Federation, visited Liski district within the framework of the official visit to Voronezh region. During his visit, Dmitry Medvedev made a tour of a modern dairy complex of EkoNivaAgro, LLC in Zaluzhnoe village, evaluated the equipment supply and organization of educational process at Sredneikorets Secondary School, held a meeting with the Governor of Voronezh region, Alexey Gordeev, and a briefing on the development of dairy farming in Russia.

The main purpose of Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to Voronezh region was holding the briefing on the development of dairy farming in the Russian Federation. The place for discussion was chosen for a reason – Voronezh region has a long-term success story in the dairy industry, and Liski district is one of the leading producers of agricultural goods in Russia.

In order to see everything this with his own eyes, the head of the Council of Ministers started his visit with a tour of one of the dairies of EkoNivaAgro, LLC, constructed in accordance with the cutting-edge technologies in Zaluzhnoe village. Dmitry Medvedev visited the production facilities and the dairy complex.

EkoNivaAgro LLC, – a subsidiary of EkoNiva-APK Holding, LLC, one of the leading agricultural companies of Russia –, comprises 20 farms located on the territory of Liski, Kamenka, Kashira and Bobrov municipal districts of Voronezh region. The daily milk yields of EkoNivaAgro reach 225 tonnes. Apart from milk production, the enterprise is successfully implementing a number of social projects.

Stefan Dürr, Head of the Holding, demonstrated the modern housing systems and the rotary milking parlour, told the Prime Minister about the efficient herd management software which allows automatic animal observation by means of accurate sensors located in the neck straps which measure milk conductivity and yields, and provide the data on the animals’ activity.

‘It’s nice to see such high technologies in action’, remarked Dmitry Medvedev.

Alexey Gordeev used the dairy complex in Zaluzhnoe as an example to show the Head of the Government the general tendency in the development of the livestock industry in Voronezh region.

‘We engaged in livestock production to boost the economic development of the rural areas. As a result, since 2008, the number of livestock has increased almost by 60,000 head. In terms of milk production, the yields have grown from 283 to 403 tonnes. The meat production has increased 2.8 times. These results became possible due to the governmental support, provided by our regional government together with the federal centre to agricultural producers’, explained Alexey Gordeev.

Improvement of the quality of education in the rural areas was one of the topics touched upon within the framework of the official visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Liski district. Sredneikoretsk Secondary School, which was one of the objects visited by the Head of the Council of Ministers, presents a perfect example in this area.

The new school premises were constructed in 2007 within the context of the national project “Education”. One of the best schools in terms of equipment supply provides the most favourable conditions for implementation of modern technologies. Since 2010, the school has been used as the innovative site for implementation of the Federal State Standard of Primary Comprehensive Education. Besides, the school participates in the municipal experimental project ‘Rural Centre of Social and Cultural Development’ aimed at the improvement of the cultural level and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The Prime Minister saw the classroom, the gym and the swimming pool, and had a conversation with the students and the teachers of the school. First of all, Dmitry Medvedev visited the IT classroom. Nina Bunina, Headmistress of the school, explained that this classroom is used not only for regular IT lessons, but also for classes of modeling. As a proof, the students demonstrated the self-constructed robots.

All sixth-grade students, who were present at the lesson, were wearing the school uniform. Alexey Gordeev wondered if that was a generally observed rule or they were just wearing it for the special occasion – the visit of the honorable guests. However, the Headmistress explained and the students confirmed that they like the uniform and wear it every day.

Dmitry Medvedev also visited the gym where the young basketball players and swimmers were exercising. The village school has a 25-meter swimming pool which is used for both extracurricular activities and a regular one-hour swimming class for all the students every week. Before the start of the briefing on the problems of dairy farming, the Headmistress offered Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Gordeev to try a product from the students’ diet – milk produced by local dairy enterprises. .

‘Very good’, approved the Prime Minister.

In memory of his visit, Dmitry Medvedev made a note in the Book of Honorable Guests of the School, ‘I wish all the students and teachers a good mood and success!’ The Head of the Russian Government also left his autograph and a calling ‘Be friends!’ on the latest issue of the school newspaper.

The questions of further social and economic development of Liski district and Voronezh region were raised at the meeting of Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Gordeev.

During the conversation with the Governor, the Head of the Council of Ministers shared his impressions of the objects he visited in Liski district speaking of them as examples of sustainable development of the rural areas.

‘We saw a very good dairy complex, and now we are visiting an amazing rural school. Looking at the way everything is arranged here, one realizes what can be done if you approach the rural development with a sharp mind, professional skills and, of course, sufficient funds.’

Dmitry Medvedev asked Alexey Gordeev about the general development of rural areas in the region.

‘The necessity of sustainable comprehensive development of rural areas is evident. I think, this topic is even more important for many other regions, How can we enhance this development? There is only one way – to bring up the quality of life in the rural areas to the XXI century standards,’ replied the Head of the region.

As one of the indicators of improved quality of life, in particular in Liski district, Alexey Gordeev named the population increase, which apparently was caused by the development of the social infrastructure and, to a large degree, better medical care.

‘Speaking about the region on the whole, I can give you just a few indicative numbers. We are among the leading regions in terms of gross output. In 2011, we were the fourth best region, last year we became the third. Within four years, we managed to increase the gross regional output by 21%,’ said the Governor.

‘This year, the industrial output has reached 105% (taking into account the general Russian rate of 100%), the agricultural output growth rate amounted to 112,5%. Besides, there is a tendency of investment volume growth.’ The Head of the region mentioned the important role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the development of the economic policy of the region.

‘I’m sure that in the regions where there is a responsible approach to work – which is exactly the case here – it is possible to keep adequate growth rate. However, it is also important to maintain the sustainable social development because it is the schools, hospitals and sports facilities that determine the life quality not only in the city but in the rural areas as well. We’ll have to keep on working on it,’ emphasized Dmitry Medvedev.