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John Deere exports off to Siberian fields!


John Deere exports off to Siberian fields!

A number of agronomical conferences were held in Novosibirsk region on 3-30 April. Traditionally, in each of the regions districts farmers came together to discuss the burning issues how to start the seeding this spring so that to obtain the best results in autumn?

Organizers of the conferences officials of the Novosibirsk Regions Department of Agriculture, research organizations, EkoNiva and Agrosnabtekhservis equipment suppliers received a cordial reception in each region.

Whereas in previous years such events took place under the motto Struggle for crops, now is the time not for struggling but for managing the innovation processes taking place in the farming,

The spring is always a time of expectations and hope that the sun and rain will come in good time, and that the austere climate will be merciful to us. But peasants know that for all its beauty nature is deceitful.

Many important ideas were voiced at the conference, the ideas that prompt the following conclusion the precise tillage system ought to have been introduced earlier. This would have initiated the field cartography, reduced the production cost and ensured the effective management and maximum investment effectiveness. The precise tillage system is a trend that determines the future of farming.

Its no secret to anyone that in the last 3 years the agricultural machinery inventory has been actively updated. It must be noted that the percentage of new machinery in the regions inventory is 22% for fodder harvesting machines and 5% for tractors, though it must be, respectively, 30 and 25%. The amount of imported machines does not meet the declared requirements and is insufficient. According to Andrey Davydovich Albakh, the funding provided for the 2009 field work is 400 million rubles. This money is channelled into levelling natural and climatic conditions and compensation for new equipment.

According to Gostekhnadzor (the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) the region has 28 operators for 50 machines. The operator training is still an acute problem in the village. Inadequately trained operators cant properly use and maintain new machines, especially foreign ones. For business to be profitable the machines must not stand idle. The repair of pricey machines must not be neglected during the season. In getting a credit the cost of diagnostics and spare parts should be as factor to consider. So the equipment must be acquired in package with associated servicing till the first major overhaul.

Aleksandr Zenkov, EkoNivaSibir company executive director assumes responsibility for timely servicing of the equipment supplied.

We do our best to respond to customer requirements. The demand for servicing and spare parts in the region is steady, which is why we remain on the market in these difficult times. We continue to service the equipment, and we train our customers machine-operators and engineers. The John Deere tractor is a single whole whose components are manufactured and put together in the same place. We guarantee that the brain and heart of out tractors will function as a single piece.

At the next conference held in Kolyvansky district on 22 April 2009, after the sitting the participants attended Sokolovo Ltd, one of the most advanced farms in the region.

Anatoly Stepanov, the founder of the enterprise and director of Novosibirsk Meat Canning Plant, pays special attention to reliable and power consuming machines that EkoNivaSibir acquires, as well as to the quality of seeds and their storage conditions. 25% of seeds at his enterprise are of the first and second reproductions. It has three seeding machines and a self-propelled John Deere sprinkler.

You neednt convince me to take a decision, Anatoly Stepanov says. Just create normal work conditions! Propaganda doesnt work today! Those involved with agriculture today understand their mission this is the future of Russia. What is needed now is the States support. To achieve the target figure of 4 tons per hectare in Siberia it is necessary to invest 270 million rubles before seeding. In Europe this amounts to 1 million euro per 1,000 hectares. You know what it means with their equipment

On an excursion throughout Sokolovo the participants familiarized themselves with John Deere seeding systems acquired this year from EkoNivaSibir. They also watched the automatic loading and unloading of seeds into and out of the JD 730 seeder bin. The loading took a mere five minutes! All the tractors at Sokolovo are fitted with the EkoNivaSibir satellite navigation system. The fields have been cartographically mapped. This enabled the farm to employ the precise tillage method.

You can see this John Deere 4730 sprinkler, a unique machine. Only the best of operators can use it, says Anatoly Stepanov. Money must be invested in farming business. This year I am going to continue cooperating with EkoNiva, our partner. I shall bring the next model of this sprinkler, JD 4930. Nobody has seen anything like it here! Ill be the first man in Siberia to have it! Im proud of my people who have made this possible and who work with me towards the right cause.

Yekaterina Moreva, EkoNivaSibir Ltd press service.