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Potatoes are always in demand!


Specialists of Magro farming enterprise in Dubki village, Nekrasovskoye district, Yaroslavl oblast, know how to reap a high yield and provide the residents of the region with organic fresh vegetables. The key success factors are hard work, nurturing and reliable machinery.


Farmer Vladimir Moskvichev has been engaged in vegetable farming for 20 years. When he started his business, he worked 300 square metres of land. Today, his enterprise produces the most popular plants – potatoes, cabbages, beets, carrots – on 90 ha of land.   

‘We don’t grow other plants because it takes more effort’, explains Vladimir Moskvichev, Head of Magro farming enterprise smiling. ‘Everything comes and goes, and people want to eat all the time. Our vegetables are always in demand. For example, five tonnes of potatoes sells within an hour.’

The reason behind this popularity is that many people love the potatoes from this farm very much. The customers’ first choice is Vineta variety. According to Vladimir Moskvichev, last year, the yield was high – over 2,000 tonnes. However, unlike some years ago when the farmers were driven by mere enthusiasm, today they use smart Grimme helpers to harvest potatoes in Magro farming enterprise.   

‘I remember buying our very first combine harvester from a collective farm where it had been written off’, recalls Vladimir Moskvichev, ‘I assembled it and sent it to the field. Machinery like this was not fit for normal operation. The unit would break down frequently and it was taking a lot of nerve.’

Several years ago, the farm started using agricultural machines of famous brands with comfortable operator environment supplied by EkoNiva. In spring, a new potato planter Grimme GL 410 with a small hopper for 1.2 tonnes was purchased by the enterprise.

‘This planter features all the necessary functions to ensure proper operation’, shares Vladimir Moskvichev, ‘at the same time, it can boast an array of useful options. For example, the electrical shaker of the cup belt allows the operator to easily make adjustments to avoid skips and doubles, while the moving floor of the planting mechanism helps to sieve debris preventing the cups from clogging.’             

The special options of the Grimme GL 410 implement perfectly meet the needs of Magro farming enterprise.

‘This planter stands out from the rest’, says Kirill Tagantsev, Head of Sales Department of Kostroma branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. Many of its features facilitate operation and let the machine do several tasks in one pass. For example, the Grimme GL 410 comes equipped with a hydraulic drive of the planting mechanisms which ensures simple adjustment of the distance between potatoes. It is fitted with a system for potato treatment and microgranular fertiliser placement and has a ridge shaping roller, which earths up the potatoes straight away.’     

The Grimme GL 410 thoroughly places tubers at the necessary depth. Cage rollers help to preserve moisture around the tubers. It is worth noting that during the sowing process, tramlines are formed, which are used for further potato treatment to avoid damage to the tubers.    

'The machine can perform a number of functions simultaneously’, explains Vladimir Moskvichev, Head of Magro farming enterprise, ‘for example, planting and treatment of the furrow. The microgranulator can supply a starter dose of a microfertiliser for the plants and helps to implement the full list of protection measures and fight such insects as wireworms, moths and potato beetles.’

The Grimme GL 410 is coupled to the John Deere 6155 M tractor for operation on the farm. Precision is very important for the potato production process. For this reason, a navigation system of the same brand has been installed on the tractor. Andrey – Vladimir Moskvichev’s son – is in the cab. The offspring is involved in the family business too.

‘Quite often, on small farms like ours, tractors are operated by the heads of the enterprises’, continues Kirill Tagantsev. ‘Therefore, they can try out the reliable and highly efficient John Deere unit, which has already proved itself as one of the most consistent helpers in the world, by themselves. The John Deere 6155 M has a full-frame design and can be coupled to the heaviest implements and work in the roughest conditions. I especially like the 6.8 litre engine, the proven trustworthy AutoQuad Plus transmission, strong axles and perfect weight distribution.’

The head of Magro farming enterprise is planning to start planting potatoes early in May. Meanwhile, the field is being prepared for the sowing campaign, and Vladimir Moskvichev is discussing the plans for the future with his son Andrey and his wife Nadezhda - the people the farmer can rely on in life and at work!