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EkoNiva starts a new precision farming season!


EkoNiva has launched two new pilot projects covering the area of 1,500 ha of land. The specialists of the company will further improve the fertilising process based on the harvest potential and will monitor the whole vegetative phase.

The analysis of the data on long-term potential yield and seasonal crop growth monitoring have produced the following results.     

The potential yield maps with the average figures in tonnes per hectare for every area of the trial fields were used to generate the fertiliser application maps.

These are the prescription maps:

They were uploaded to the John Deere sprayer system with some control stripes for calibration, which had been chosen with the purpose of carrying out a scientific experiment:

The work process was displayed on the monitor screen:

When the operations are finished, the second fertiliser application will be done in a later vegetation stage.

The plan                                                                                               The results are nearly perfect!

The same principles have been applied to the second project.

These are the potential yield maps:

The prescription maps were generated with the use of the yield potential maps:

The control stripes were added for the calibration of the results:

Finally, the maps were uploaded to the machine and the job was done:

On top of that, another fertiliser application will be performed.

All weather data for the project is recorded by means of TROPHOR devices: