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Efficient harvesting for superior quality


Unsurpassed reliability and exceptional durability, a powerful engine and a multifunction control system – John Deere heavy farm machinery ensures smart, efficient harvesting and superior quality in the shortest possible time.


When it comes to gathering a bumper crop, the John Deere S700 Series combines are second to none. The owners of Agropromkomplektatsiya-Ryazan enterprise based in Korablino district, Ryazan oblast, know it for a fact. In 2020, they are going to enlarge their farm machinery fleet with eight John Deere S780 combines featuring the Integrated Combine Adjust 2 system, which creates plenty of opportunity for enhancing the machine performance. Last year, three units of this model operated in Ryazan fields.

‘We never settle for second best – only powerful and highly efficient John Deere machines’, says Vladimir Zhaboyedov, Chief Engineer of the enterprise, ‘and EkoNiva, our dealer, guarantees first-class after-sales service and maintenance. The S700 Series combines have long become reliable helpers at the parent enterprise of our holding in Oryol oblast. In the farming season of 2019, the mighty "green” column of John Deere S780 machines appeared in the fields of Ryazan oblast for the first time and delivered outstanding performance.’

The John Deere S700 is a brand-new series of the automated combine designed as a result of continuous improvement of the model with a single-rotor threshing and separating system. Thanks to the joint work of the manufacturer's engineers and customers, many innovative ideas have been successfully implemented. The new solutions boost machine capacity and operator efficiency as well as improve grain quality and bring down operating costs.

‘The John Deere S700 is a rotary combine, which means grain threshing is done more gently’, explains Kirill Parfiryev, Manager of Turlatovskoye Sales Department, EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘The percentage of crushed grain is virtually reduced to zero. Besides, the single-rotor technology allows for excellent multi-crop harvesting performance producing better straw and grain quality compared to hybrid systems.’

The rotary combine has a number of advantages over the walker model – fuel consumption reduced by 30% and productivity at equal capacity increased by nearly two times. The machine is distinguished by a high grain discharge rate and a large grain tank size – 14,100 litres. In addition, the engine displacement is 13.5 litres with the maximum power of 547 hp. And finally, the repair costs on the rotary combine are 30-35% lower than those on the walker one.

‘It is quite easy to use the combine – everything is as simple as on a smartphone’, continues Vladimir Zhaboyedov. ‘We adjust harvesting settings with the help of ergonomic controls and a 10-inch colour display — and here we go, ready to conquer Ryazan fields. The average operating time during the autumn campaign reached 1,000 engine hours. Each of the three "green" all-rounders threshed 30 hectares of crop per day. The results exceeded all our expectations — the machines won the battle for the harvest hands down. Only the reduced losses brought about a considerable increase in the yield – by almost a third.’