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John Deere tackles any task


Impressive performance, maximum uptime, a high level of comfort and low running costs are undeniable advantages of the John Deere 8R and 8RT Series tractors. That’s exactly why more and more modern farmers tend to decide on these models.


Vyshgorodskiy agricultural cooperative located in Ryazan oblast has more than 20 high-output John Deere machines: tractors, combines and pulled implements. The specialists of the farming enterprise are absolutely sure that robust and reliable machinery plays one of the key roles in the work process.

‘When I went into farming, we had just 500 hectares of land’, recalled Nikolay Mitrokhin, Head of the enterprise. ‘The area has already increased up to 12,500 hectares, and I guess the effective performance of the chosen machines has contributed largely to such expansion. We bought our first John Deere 12 years ago, and since then we can’t do without these reliable ‘green’ all-rounders.’

The farming enterprise belonging to Nikolay Mitrokhin is at the forefront of implementing advanced technologies. All the machinery is fitted with the GLONASS or the GPRS system, which gives the opportunity to monitor all the operational parameters: where a tractor or a combine is located, what productive capacity it has, what task it is performing and how much fuel it is consuming.

‘Our farm fields are cultivated only with the use of cutting-edge and high-quality machines’, said Kirill Parfiryev, Head of the Sales Department, EkoNiva-Tekhnika Ryazan Branch. ‘Here, our specialists always keep up with the times. They are already reaping the benefits of the various innovations introduced. During the 2019 harvest campaign, Vyshgorodskiy cooperative got good results.’

The 8R and 8RT Series tractors help feel confident about the future and expand the range of field works carried out. Nikolay Mitrokhin has got six units at his disposal — 5 wheel tractors and 1 caterpillar tractor — and has no plans to stop there.

The land bank is increasing, which means the new-generation robust machinery is definitely needed.

‘There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for choosing the 8 Series tractors’, continued Kirill Parfiryev. ‘The newly redesigned machines enable operators to experience a quiet, comfortable ride in the refreshed cabin, which is more spacious than before. Besides, they feature an all-new control console and an upgraded hydraulic system. And most importantly, the John Deere 8R and 8RT tractors deliver uncompromised performance with the overall tractor efficiency of up to 93%.’

The engine forms the core of any tractor. The 8 Series models powered by a 9-litre engine offer superior torque and fuel economy under all conditions. Future owners can count on the high efficiency of the e23™ PowerShift™ transmission and AutoPowr™ transmission. And finally, the axle design and wide tyres up to 2.15 m in diameter put more power to the ground.

‘One 8 Series tractor easily handles various tasks on 1,500 hectares of land’, said Nikolay Mitrokhin. ‘Recently we’ve purchased one more 8R tractor with an oscillating front axle. This season, it gave a good account of itself during fodder preparation. Since the machines are super powerful, the rear and front axles can be used at the same time. It is very convenient and profitable. With the help of the front axle, crop remains are shredded and then processed by a disk harrow coupled with the tractor.’

Another advantage you can take of John Deere tractors is enhanced serviceability — machine maintenance can be carried out right in the field. It is especially relevant at the peak of the harvest season. Moreover, it is beyond argument that after-sales service and maintenance provided by a dealer plays an important role in any effective work done even by the most powerful and versatile agricultural machines.

‘Sometimes, I’m just thinking of ordering some spare parts or assembly units, and believe it or not, they are already at the warehouse’, summed up Nikolay Mitrokhin. ‘Even being away from us, EkoNiva always knows what we need — it’s a perfect partner! With the reliable John Deere dealer and its high-quality machines, we face the future with confidence and know for sure we can tackle any task.’