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Where there is demand, there will be supply


Annual specialised exhibitions are aimed at spreading the latest news of the agricultural sector and introducing farmers to interesting technological innovations and effective solutions. Continuing the great tradition, Tomsk producers have gathered at Golden Autumn-Harvest 2019, the 21st interregional exhibition.


Over 200 exhibitors, including EkoNivaSibir, presented their achievements at the event this year.

The farmers of the region had a particular interest in versatile machines capable of performing a wide range of tasks. EkoNivaSibir could easily meet this demand with the John Deere 6095B tractor.

‘The John Deere 6B Series can boast of having the features found in large tractors but they are integrated into a more compact and manoeuvrable model’, says Aleksandr Zuyev, Sales Department Manager of EkoNivaSibir. ‘The John Deere 6095B tractor deals effectively with both tillage and sowing of cereal and vegetable crops. Despite the small capacity of 95 hp, the machine demonstrates excellent traction performance, even when cultivating hard virgin soil.’

JCB telescopic loaders are a lifeline for any enterprise. As farmers say, these multifaceted machines can do a wide variety of jobs – from handlers to builders and rescuers.

At Golden Autumn, EkoNivaSibir showcased one of the models of the range – the JCB 541-70. This telehandler with the lift capacity of 4 tonnes and the lifting height of 7 metres is more manoeuvrable and efficient thanks to several modes – two-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab steer.

The company's partners came together at the booth to share the results of the agricultural year and further plans. Special attention was devoted to the quality and promptness of servicing, and the issues relating to the preparation of the machinery for the new season were discussed too. For their part, the specialists of EkoNivaSibir announced great news to the farmers. In the light of EkoNiva’s 25th anniversary, the company launched a jubilee campaign having offered – for the first time – a maximum discount of 20% on autumn-winter repair works and maintenance of John Deere and JCB self-propelled machinery in the service workshops of the companies.

‘For many years, we have been providing a full range of planned and preventative maintenance services for agricultural machinery at our dealership centres in Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions’, says Aleksey Osotov, Manager of EkoNivaSibir Engineering Department. ‘Annually, upon testing and repairing all assemblies, systems and mechanisms, our service technicians approve about 70 units for safe operation in the fields being sure that there is no danger of downtime.’

The specialists of EkoNivaSibir recommend farmers to seize the unique opportunity to repair their machines at a discount of 20% in October. In November, the discount will be 15%, in December – 10%, and in January – 5%. The repair warranty period begins in spring, before the field works start, and lasts for the whole season. If necessary, the company will also help with the machinery loading and set-up. Everyone can take advantage of the special offer until January 2020.