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On the cusp of the full automation era


Once every five years, John Deere holds a special event for dealers and partners to present the company’s development strategy and give an overview of the novelties. This year, the meeting took place in Valencia, Spain. The representatives of EkoNiva-Tekhnika were among the participants of the event.


In the course of several days, John Deere representatives held workshops for the dealers, where they discussed the results of the joint work as well as the company’s development programme and strategic plans for the near future.

Today, John Deere is on the cusp of the full automation era when it comes to designing the new models in the lineup and equipping them with smart systems and platforms. The John Deere specialists provided an overview of the novelties and cutting-edge machinery solutions to be released into the market soon demonstrating some of them at the showcase. Among the highlights were the M4000 self-propelled sprayer featuring ExactApply technology, the S700 Series Combine harvesters with a residue management system and the C441R variable chamber wrapping baler producing around 80 bales per hour. The upgraded range of John Deere tractors – from 6 to 9 Series – made a hit with the guests. EkoNiva-Tekhnika specialists had an opportunity to test-drive one of the all-new models.

‘The operator’s comfort and the degree of automation of the John Deere 8R Series have really impressed us’, shares Gennadiy Nepomnyashchiy, Executive Director of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘The premium-class tractors have been designed in cooperation with the BMW Designworks studio experts. Words fail me when I try to describe the models. The future of agriculture definitely lies with these smart farming units!’

Yuriy Sandin, founder of Agro-Industrial Group Molochniy Produkt, one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ryazan oblast, is a regular in EkoNiva trips.

‘The wheel of progress never stops’, points out Yuriy Sandin. ‘There is no end to John Deere’s know-how and state-of-the-art solutions which we cannot wait to introduce into our operations. I appreciate the unique opportunity provided by EkoNiva to gain insight into the world of innovation.’