John Deere 600F series Grain Reapers


John Deere

— Series 600F grain reapers have a floating cutter bar, 6-blade reel, and cut herbage screw feeder.

— Cutter bar is made from stainless steel in the form of 15cm sections.

— The hydraulics-aided ground-hugging feature, HydraFlex, enables the reaper to follow the ground contours without disturbing the soil. The vertical cutter bar displacement amplitude is 15 cm, which facilitates harvesting downed grain crops or creepers like peas and soya.

— The cutter drive has a planetary reducer which powers the linear cutter movement without vibration. This provides a smoother cut and minimises grain loss when mowing grain crops.

— The guide plate between the cutter bar and the screw is made from stainless steel.

— Over its entire width, the screw is fitted with fingers for smoother and more effective movement of the cut herbage

— Reapers are fitted as standard with electro-mechanical ContourMaster skids, two on each side, for following the ground features. They prevent false activation.

Model 622 F 625 F 630 F 635 F
Reaper width, m 6.7 7.6 9.2 10.7
Minimum cut height, mm 38 38 38 38
Weight, kg 1,912 2,098 2,559 3,003
Feeding screw diameter, cm 660 660 660 660
Screw rotation speed, rpm 520 520 520 520
Reverse Electro-hydraulically controlled mechanical reverse
Reverse power, hp. 80 80 80 80