Vaderstad BioDrill Seedbox



The BioDrill Seedbox is designed for sowing small-seed crops. The equipment provides not only tillage and rolling in a single pass, but also sowing seeds of grasses and oilseeds. The number of passes is reduced, saving time and money. The machine is especially suitable for sowing stubble crops, catch crops and oilseeds. The Fenix System, manufactured by Vaderstad, accurately meters and distributes the seed material even at the lowest seeding rates. Openers send the seeds straight into the furrows formed by the conical disks of the Carrier cultivator. Therefore, the preset drilling depth is strictly observed. The hydraulically driven fan enables even distribution of seed material to all openers. The seed hopper of BioDrill can hold 360 litres. BioDrill is offered to consumers as a modification of basic machines such as Rexius or Carrier.