Vaderstad Rapid A Seed direct seed drills



Rapid A/S seeders with working width from 4 to 8 m are equipped with a pneumatic sowing unit. The seeders are noted both for their high performance and efficient pre-seeding soil preparation. The seeders are available with front-mounted Crossboard, Agrilla or System Disc toolbars.

RDA/C Seeders are equipped with one of the following cultivation tool systems:

Agrilla system (Two rows of Agrilla tines in combination with a Crossboard row);

System Disc (two rows of discs in combination with a row of wide Crossboard tines).

Vaderstad offers a modified Mix model equipped with universal coulters suitable both for seed drilling and fertiliser application.

Row spacing 12.5 cm

Working speed 12-20 km/h

Model S – is intended only for seed drilling

Made in Russia

Model RDA 400S RDA 450S RDA 600S RDA 800S
Working width, m 4.0 4.5 6.0 8.0
Transport width, m 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Coulter pressure SD (kg) 115 110 96 94
Seed hopper, l 1,900 1,900 2,700 3,200
Total weight, kg 3,700 4,000 4,600 6,000
Draught requirement, hp 140-180 158-203 210-270 280-360