Vaderstad Rapid A Combi direct seed drills



Rapid А/С are the most up-to-date seeders produced by Vaderstad. The seeders are especially developed for direct drilling. The machines feature Vaderstad’s latest scientific and engineering achievements based upon the practice of working with seeders of previous generations: unsurpassed performance, effective soil tillage, precision seeding and fertiliser application. Rapid A/C seeders are available with front-mounted Crossboard , Agrilla or System Disc toolbars.

RDA/C Seeders are equipped with one of the following cultivation tool systems:

Agrilla system (Two rows of Agrilla tines in combination with a Crossboard row),

System Disc (two rows of discs in combination with a row of wide Crossboard tines).
The row spacing is 12.5 cm, working speed – 12-20 km/h, Rapid С – is a combined model suited for both seed drilling and fertiliser application.<

Made in Russia

Model RDA 600 C RDA 800 C
Working width, m 6.0 8.0
Transport width, m 3.0 3.0
Coulter pressure SD (kg) 129 125
Seed hopper, l 6,000 6,000
Total weight, kg 9,180 10,320
Draught requirement, hp 240-330 320-440