Kverneland DL Pneumatic Seeders



The DL Seed Drills are designed for sowing cereal and pulse crops, rape, grasses, etc. They perform regular sowing as well as sowing after surface tillage and on catch crops with appropriate coulters. These machines are suitable for small and medium-sized farms. Due to mounting with centre of gravity close to the tractor, they can be used even with low capacity tractors. For a quick switch from working into transport position at operating widths higher than 3 m, the seeder easily folds manually. Metering of seed volume from 2 to 380 kg/ha.
The seeders couple with 1.4 Class Tractors.

Model DL 3,0 DL 4,0 DL 4,5
Working width, m 3.0 4.0 4.5
Number of metering devices, units 1 1 1
Working speed, km/h 10 10 10
Number of coulters, units 20/24/29/32 24/29/32/40 29/32/40
Hopper volume, l 750 750 750
PTO drive, rpm 540 / 1000 - optional
Required power, k/Wt (hp) from 45 (60) from 60 (80) from 68 (90)
Standard machine weight, kg 435-560 435-560 435-560
Country of manufacture Germany