Kverneland DG Pneumatic Seeders



The DG Grain and grass pneumatic seeders are designed for sowing cereal and pulse crops, buckwheat, rape, flax, clover, grasses, etc. Metering of seed volume from 2 to 380 kg/ha.
The seeders couple with the 3.0 Class Tractors.

— minimum inter-row spacing: 9.4 cm with anchor and belt coulters, 10 cm – with disc coulters;

— 2 metering devices driven from a spur wheel;

— standard package of the series with flotation tyres;

— the seeders can be equipped with fan drive from universal shaft or a hydraulic drive;

— repositioning for transportation is carried out via hydraulic folding of the coulter beam.

Model DG 6,0 DG 8,0
Working width, m 6.0 8.0
Number of metering devices, units 2 2
Working speed, km/h 10 10
Number of coulters, units 48/58/64 64
Hopper volume, l 3,500 3,500
PTO drive, rpm 1,000 1,000
Required power, k/Wt (hp) from 88 (120) from 100 (130)
Standard machine weight, kg 2,750-3000 3,000
Country of manufacture Germany