Roller Vaderstad Rexius



Vaderstad Rexius is a heavy universal roller with a wide range of uses. The machine can be used with Crossboard for leveling and preparing a seedbed after drilling in autumn and spring. The package also includes hardened steel blades called Single-Knife to further enhance the preparatory and crushing effect of the Rexius roller applied after the plough. Crust-breaking blades called Double-Knife break through the surface pans that readily develop on silty soils after heavy rain. Cultivation intensity can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab during work.

The Rexius roller is fitted with Crosskill rings and a Crossboard leveling board, which makes it a modern seedbed preparation system noted for its technological advantages:

consolidating and leveling the soil;

loosening the topsoil;

preventing soil compaction;

reduced clogging with wet soil.
The Rexius roller can be fitted to combined machines together with other cultivators and seeders.

Operating speed – 15-20 km/h.

Model RS 650 RS 820 RS 940 RS 1020
Working width, m 6.5 8.2 9.4 10.2
Transport width, m 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Number of units 3 5 5 5
Weight incl. Crosskill rings and Crossboard system, kg 3,700 4,700 5,100 5,400
Performance, ha/h 9.75 12.30 14.10 15.30
Power requirement, hp 100-150 120-180 150-200 180-230