John Deere 512 Disk Looseners


John Deere

Cultivator is ideally suited for operation with a large amount of residual vegetation and weeds

Adjustable angle of rear disk batteries

Wear-resistant ball bearing assemblies of disk batteries

Operating speed: 8-10 km/h

Grip width: 3.8; 5.3 and 6.85 m

Distance between disks 28 cm

Adjustable treatment depth

Maximum disking depth 15 cm

Maximum loosening depth 41 cm

Residual vegetation coverage 30-70%

Baseline outfit

Tines with parabolically shaped 57 mm end tips. Asymmetrical disk batteries on C-shaped springs, fixed angle of front batteries, two options of setting the angle of rear batteries, rigid spherical disks 609 x 6.5 mm.
Between disks distance 280mm; carrying rod diameter 140mm, 32mm square bolts
battery frame is a 76x127mm metal piece, central disk filler, “dura-flex” ball bearings, wear-resistant scrapers, operating width 190 cm.

Flap floating sections: folding and unfolding (only for 6.85m models) cylinders with hoses, adjustment to treatment depth by one handle, hydraulic ISO connectors, carrier with a jack, rear trailing device, inclined forward/backward adjusting device, maintenance-free rocking wheel brackets.

Model 512
Number of bodies 7 9
Grip width, m 5.3 6.8
Number of disks 42 54
Transportation width, m 6.4 or 5.5 (option) 5.5
Transportation height, m - 3.49
Standard road clearance, cm 27.9 27.9
Frame dimension, cm 15х16х0.95 18х19х0.95 main frame10х16х0.95 side section frame
Weight, kg 5,200 7,363
Distance between tines, mm 762 762
Distance between disks, mm 280 280
Maximum treatment depth by tine, cm 38 38
Maximum treatment depth by disks, cm 15.2 15.2
Required power, hp 259-385 335-495