John Deere 2100 series Deep Looseners


John Deere

Used for reducing soil compaction

Used for zero or minimal tillage

Treats stubble, preserving up to 80% of residual stubble to protect the upper soil layers

Operates at any amount of residual stubble

Loosens soils to a depth of up to 40 cm

Overload protection system (cut bolt or spring mechanism)

Wide choice of various end tips

Roll-on wheels (option) minimise the damage done to soil by tines

Model 2100
Grip width, m 5.4 6.9
Number of tines 7 9
Step width, cm 76 76
Operating speed, km/h Up to 8
Treatment depth, cm Up to 40
Loosening tine width, mm 19/32 19/32
Spring compression load, kg 1,451
Required power, hp 300 380