Einbock Pneumaticstar Tined weeder



The Einbock Pneumaticstar spring-tined, hitched weeders are used as a safe and tested equipment for mechanical weed control, pasture rehabilitation and grassland care. The Pneumaticstar is fitted with an appliance for underseeding of small-seed crops. The Pneumaticstar can be additionally equipped with an appliance for grass underseeding.

Model Pneumaticstar 600 Pneumaticstar 900 Pneumaticstar 1200
Working/transport width, m 6/3 9/3 12/3
Number of tines 240 360 480
Tine length/diameter, mm  49/7.0
Tine space, cm 2.5
Working speed, km/h 8
Tank, l 300
Weight, kg 620 1,200 1,400
Required power, hp 60 80 90


Pneumaticstar leaflet, 6.13 MB