Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Wide Tine Harrows



The Degelman Strawmaster® is the revolutionary machine designed to tackle straw problems connected with field distribution of straw residuals, seedbed preparation, and stubble processing.
The 26 inch (660mm) long tines placed in rows of four or five are set in large (3.05 m wide by 1.83 m deep) sections with a spacing of 24” (610 mm) to maximise the straw residue flow. The Strawmaster® will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and deliver seed and chemicals.

Ground Contouring
Under float or under pressure, the harrow sections are designed for flexibility. The spring bars are positioned along the sides of the harrow frame, providing an even distribution of pressure to the frame. The spring bars can then flex in response, rising over hills and falling on hollows.

Non-stop Hydraulic Control
Optional hydraulic rephasing cylinders are available to replace the standard gear driven jacks. These cylinders help to synchronise the angle adjustment and provide consistent pressure for every section.

Chemical and Seed Delivery (optional)
By adding a Valmar Granular Applicator, both granular chemicals and seeds are evenly distributed.

Wear-resistant tines
The torsion spring tines reduce metal fatigue and protect the machine from stress, minimising tine breakage.

Rigid Diagonal Bars
With the aid of rigid drawbars, Strawmaster achieves excellent maneuverability, back-up movement, and steep turning control.
The required down-pressure is maintained thanks to reduction of undesirable wing movement and harrow bouncing.

Conversion to Transport Position
Two positions of the wheel axles, adapted for high-speed operation.
Hydraulic lifting and folding of the wings.
Transport wheels suitable for highway travel
16.5 x 16.1 Soft-Tractires positioned on the frame for transportation on rough roads

Ease of maintenance
Minimum number of components compared to other heavy harrows.
Auto-fold tine carrier.
Seasonal greasing.

Working Width, m/ft 9.1 / 30 15.2 / 50 18.9 / 62 21.3 / 70 25 / 82
Transport Width, m        4.5
Trailer Frame, mm 102 х 203
Section Frame, mm 51 х 102
Section Width / Length, m 3.05 / 1.83
Tine Length/ Diameter, mm 660 / 16
Tine Spacing in a Row, mm 610
Tine Spacing between the Rows, 4 Bar / 5 Bar version, mm 610 / 457
Range of Tine Angle 5° to 65° (Mechanically or Hydraulically)
Operating Speed, km/h 15 - 18
Minimum Horsepower,hp 100 150 180 200 300
Recommended Horsepower, hp 150 200 250 300 400