Lemken System-Korund Seedbed Combination



The universal seedbed combination with a diverse harrow- and crumbler programme

Suited for tractors with a capacity of 70 to 250 hp

With two to six fields 1.5 m each; available in working widths of 300 to 900 cm

Sprung multi-bar for grip- or tow operation

Double toothed bar or tube crumblers provide optimum crushing and leveling of the soil

Optional equipment with spring tines for deep seedbed preparation or flat bar tines for shallow seedbed preparation

Model Working Width, m Number of Sections, m Weight, kg Required power, up to, hp
System-Korund 300L 3.0 2 856 120
System-Korund 450L 4.5 3 1,386 150
System-Korund 600L 6.0 4 1,920 180
System-Korund 750L 7.5 5 2,820 215
System-Korund 900L 9.0 6 3,220 250