Lemken Heliodor Disc Harrow



The compact disc harrow is intended for shallow stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation on light and medium soils

Mounted or semi-mounted, available in working widths of 300 to 600 cm, working depth up to 14 cm

Guarantees smooth working on stony soils

Two rows of notched hollow discs with a diameter of 455 mm and 5 mm thickness. For precise depth guidance, each disk is fitted to the frame by means of a spring-leaf; the spring leaf is also used as automatic overload safety device

Mechanical or hydraulic adjustment of the angle of leveling tines

The semi-mounted models can be combined with a Solitair pneumatic seed drill

Optimum ground following and depth control

full range of rear rollers available

Model Number of discs Working width, m Weight without roller, kg Required tractor power, hp
Rigid frame, non-folding, mounted
Heliodor 8/300 24 3.0 850 130
Heliodor 8/400 32 4.0 1,020 150
Hdraulically folding, mounted/semi-mounted
Heliodor 8/400 K / 8/400 KA 32 4.0 1,722/2,458 220/250
Heliodor 8/500 K / 8/500 KA 40 5.0 1,843/2,648 250/290
Heliodor 8/600 K / 8/600 KA 48 6.0 2,105/2,815 280/290