John Deere 2210 Field Cultivators


John Deere

Staggered tine arrangement

Self-adjusting, ground hugging front wheels

TruPosition tines with compaction force of 68 or 90 kg/cm operate at the same depth and smooth out the seed bed

Quick detachable sweeps with Perma-Lock system

Floating coupling for maintaining the steady treatment depth

Model 2210
Grip width, m 7.2-19.7
Operating speed, km/h 8-13
Under frame clearance, cm 61
Distance between tines, cm 11 15 23
Sweep width, cm 6-31
Treatment depth, cm 12.7
Maximum tine pressure, kg/cm 68 (90 option)
Transportation width, m 5-6
Transportation height, m 3.2-5.2
Required power, hp per 1 m 25-28